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Weekend Rewind: Ghosts of blog posts past


A few things on my brain on this came-to-soon Monday morning …

HOLLYWOODS: The new-look Fresno Yosemite International Airport got some Twitter props from reality TV star/Playmate Holly Madison, who flew in for her appearance at The Den, Tachi Palace’s nightclub. She liked the trees. That’s her Twitpic –>>>

RED(ZONE)EMPTION? So I went to Red Zone Sports Grill yesterday. This may come as a shock, I know. I got invited to a football-watching party there, which Red Zone had donated for a cancer fundraiser. (That was nice of them). I didn’t actually buy anything, so I don’t feel like I totally sold out. Not sure I’d go back on my own, but I will say that I had a good time — and some of the Red Zone grub was tasty.

FIGGA IT OUT: Local show promoter Faddafigga, now infamous on The Beehive for his MySpace meltdown — warning: all links from here on have NSFW language — has taken his rants and raves rants to Twitter. Once again, he is taking shots at local musicians. I honestly don’t know why bands and other promoters in Fresno put up with this guy.

WI-FLY: I took a friend to Hooters for his birthday and found out that Hooters has free wi-fi. I figure some Web surfer might need to know this one day. It’s just not coffee shops like Revue, folks. Also: It was job-interview day at Hooters, so that was fun.

HELLA VANILLA: I watched “Extract.” It sucked.

SUPER BOLD: My rreverse psychology of football picking I posted last Monday worked — and I got the match-up I wanted for the Super Bowl. Now, I’m hoping the Colts win.

YOUR TURN: Anything good happen to ya over the weekend? Awesome show? Yummy new restaurant? Spill it in the comments.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Ghosts of blog posts past"

Mr. Incognito says:

Cruised out to Palo Alto and had some tasty tacos at a spot called Nola’s. I was going to send you a pic of the tasty offerings but I was super hungry and forced to swallow the morsels of goodness.

I’m thinking the Bay might get more of my time in ’09.

Who’s this figga, I keep hearing about? I have to imagine he’s upset about….(?) Oh well, go figga!

Cristobal says:

Does that mean you want the Saints to win? I’m confused.

Mike Oz says:

‘Tis my goal to confuse the gods of fate. You’re on the right track.

ed says:

i went with a bunch of friends down to the home depot center in carson and watched the u.s. men’s national team play a friendly vs honduras. thankfully, it was just a friendly because we got smoked 3-1.

sunday, watched some american football, made some dinner, and then met some friends to play poker.

I just barely noticed, you had nothing better to write about than me again…
I thought we were good homie???
Now I gotta start sayin’, “F*CK MIKE OZ,” again???
It’s cool…
You’re a f*ckin’ joke.
You’re whole life led you to wherever the f*ck you think you are now and…
For what???
Are you the judge and jury of OUR scene bitch???
Keep my name outta your mouth.
Keep writing about all the shows you don’t go to and all the people you don’t know.
We’re proud of you…

Mike Oz says:

You still seem to have the same knack for public discourse. Congrats.

Mahaffey says:

People actually read this garbage site?

Mike Oz says:

Apparently. And one more, now that you’re here. Thanks.