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Weekend Rewind: ‘Glee’ gets a Globe, a visit to Fresh & Easy, and lackluster ’24?’


A few things on my brain on this quiet Monday morning …

GOLDEN: Props to Clovis’ Chris Colfer and his “Glee”-mates for winning best TV comedy or musical in last night’s Golden Globes. It topped regular award-show faves such as “The Office” and “30 Rock.”

FOOTBALL FOLLIES: I’m SO not a football prognosticator. My playoff picks went 1-3 this weekend. I even had the gall to call The Chargers a “lock.” So, I’m now officially picking the Jets and the Vikings for the Super Bowl, in hopes that my picking them makes them lose.

BLAH BLAH BAUER: Was it just me or was the “24″ season premiere last night a little boring? Someone in charge of CTU doesn’t believe Jack’s (and Chloe’s) theory, so the two of them have take matters into their own hands? Haven’t we seen this before? Like every season? In fact, the whole two hours seemed pretty familiar. I’m holding onto hope that tonight’s second part of the premiere impresses me.

HELLA FRESH: So I finally got over to Fresh & Easy this weekend. Very cool. I like the selections and prices, plus the prepared food looks yummy. Not even the picketers are going to keep me away.

YOUR TURN: Anything good happen to ya over the weekend? Spill it in the comments.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: ‘Glee’ gets a Globe, a visit to Fresh & Easy, and lackluster ’24?’"

DLR says:

I really liked Fresh N Easy too, and I’m not the type to get excited about shopping or grocery stores.

I won’t do all my shopping there because I’m too cheap and don’t mind braving the crowds at Winco, but this will probably be my new #2 stop for special stuff and higher quality food.

Price was definitely competitive with Vons and Save Mart, and their store-brand stuff was usually cheaper and better quality than the stuff at the other stores (besides Winco). Nice to get a better quality for less than the usual brand-name stuff.

It’s about time a store came in to challenge Save Mart. I can’t fathom why so many people shop there.

marcel says:

I went to Fresh n Easy too! Yeah, it ain’t bad. Picked up some “bangers and mash” from the prepared food section… not bad.

So happy to see Glee win! (and that the actress playing Quinn had one of the most gorgeous dresses of the night.)

I stopped at Fresh & Easy about 7 p.m. Friday and the place was bustling!

Jackki says:

I wouldn’t mind shopping at Fresh and Easy if they weren’t anti-union. By shopping there you are allowing these workers to not get the possible benefits, hours and wages they could be getting. Also by shopping there you are taking money and support from places like Winco which are employee owned. When a company is anti-union it allows them to bully their employees. I feel better with myself when I shop somewhere that I know truly benefits and protects the rights of those in Fresno.

Eddie says:


I can’t wait to support Fresh ‘N Easy!

Also: So happy about Chris, excited for the emmy’s now!

Jackki says:

Without the union employees will not have been GUARANTEED hours, wages and benefits.Give it a while and wages will be cut, hours will be cut and the turnover wait will be astounding. Why not do something that is good for our community and shop at Winco that is employee owned? or if you want the wonderful organic food then sign up for $15 a week and get farm fresh food from T & D Willey Farms You get food straight to your table within 24 hours of harvest. Sounds way more delicious then anything a grocery store can offer.

Eddie says:

That’s great! I am a customer of T&D Willey Farms already, and have been for years.

But to say pay will be cut, hours taken away, and a longer turnover wait?? Where are your facts?

Fact of the matter is this; It’s a competitive economy right now, and those who work the hardest, are rewarded.

I approach this non-union, very successful grocery store, as an opportunity for its’ employees to work hard, and be competitive!

Unions are a thing of the past…..

Jackki says:

When you work at a large corporation that is non-union they can cut hours and wages whenever they feel like. I have worked for non-unions and had this happen to me. You are not guaranteed any of these benefits unless they sign a contract saying they will.

I am skeptical because Tesco is a large corporation and in Britain they have failed many ethics tests and are not liked by the consumers of the UK. I will not be supporting a non-union and actually ANTI-Union store just because of location.

Wal-Mart is anti-union and also discriminate against different minority groups for profit. Just because there is a Wal-Mart 5 minutes from my house does not mean I will support something that is unethical.

Eddie says:

Good, I’m glad!

This way, there is more room for me to shop there, and spend my money supporting our community.

Enjoy, … Winco.

Michael says:

Regarding 24, I think it’s too early to determine how this season is going to be. Remember Day 6 started off awesome and it wound up being the worse ever. It’s only been two hours, give it a bit and it will hit it’s stride.

Mike Oz says:

I’m hoping so. In fact, I’m hoping the two hours tonight ramp up quite a bit. I know they had to introduce us to a bunch of people last night, so I’m not too bad at them. I’m just hopeful for some awesome 24 this season.

DLR says:

Look at all the ridiculous union shenannigans going on at the sheriff’s dept. and fresno PD. They’re forced to lay off all these clerical workers and correctional officers, largely thanks to deals that don’t make sense anymore.

About 100 fresno PD non-officer positions were eliminated because all the officers were untouchable thanks to union deals. In the county, FOR SOME REASON they have to make up for the pension plan’s investment losses thanks to the recession. So while facing the market crash and loss of tax revenue, they’re forced to make up for the losses of the investments and lay off people to do so. It just doesn’t make sense.

Not even mentioning how this is crazy because they make up for it with public dollars, they have to lay off people and give LESSER benefits to newer employees so they can keep these outdated, overfunded and short-sighted agreements so the longtime gainfully employed can retain their cushy status!

I’m not against unions in general, but when it’s with public dollars and leads to the layoffs of new blood, I get pretty annoyed! AND I don’t think a new retailer in the area should be expected to provide things its competitors don’t. It’s already a competitive industry and we’re just lucky they brought ANY jobs to this town, which seems to be very unattractive to business. Meanwhile you’re saying they should be forced to pay employees better? we live in one of the poorest parts of the country!

AND let’s face it, the retail grocery industry is not going to pay high wages. Not in these times and not in the United States.

A Fresh and Easy Place To Shop says:

as an employee of fresh and easy and also a college student i am VERY HAPPY with my pay and benefits i am receiving at my place of work. In this economy i am surprised that F&E took a chance on Fresno and brought their company here. And just to let you know that we have SIGNED a contract guaranteeing us more than 20 hours a week so we as PART-TIME employees can receive the benefits being offered, STARTING pay is $10 an hour, we get quarterly raises and bonuses. I think it is a GREAT PLACE TO WORK! and i do support T.D Willey farms, i have for the last 5 months! its great just like FRESH AND EASY!

DLR says:

glad to hear it from the employee above! I think some of these businesses (like CostCo and Wholefoods) are seeing much better results by keeping their employees happy.

This will also make shoppers feel good about supporting their businesses.

Jasmine says:

I went to the Philharmonic show on Saturday. Had a great time. Definitely something I would recommend, especially if you can score the $15 tickets. I’m going to take my little sis (who just picked up the cello) to the Romeo and Juliet show ( Get some dinner, dress up, and enjoy beautiful live music (in a beautiful venue). Another win for Fresno livin’.

mdub420 says:

last night was real good. i’m not accepting agent walsh’s storyline with her crazy convict boyfriend. i’m hoping cole ortiz puts a bullet in the guy’s head and we can focus on more important things, like renee walker being a sexy russian!!

Shane says:

I know this is an old thread, but saw it and read the earlier comments.

As someone who used to work for Savemart, who is repped by the same union that is trying the black ball F&E, I can say that they absolutely suck. The union that is. I got so screwed out of being compensated for the actual work I put in. When I was hired I got hired in as a “part-time” employee, and so got NO benefits and only part-time wages; problem was that there wasn’t one week where I worked under 40 hours, usually worked over time. But never got any compensation for it because of the contract I had signed with the union. It was also one of the worst work environments I have ever been in! The higher end managers who had seniority didn’t do much cause they could just tell all of the lower employees what to do. Long story short (too late) unions are outdated, they served their purpose a long time ago but didn’t know when to call it quits. F&E is competition for these union stores and the union stores can’t handle it.