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Help a Fresnan ‘Crash the Super Bowl’

OK, Fresnans, we have a job to do. Bullard grad Joelle De Jesus is one of six finalists in Doritos’ “Crash the Super Bowl” commercial-making contest. Enough votes and his commercial will air during the Super Bowl. If that happens, he stands to win up to $2 million. De Jesus, who now lives in L.A., already won $25K and Super Bowl tickets, for being a finalist. Here’s his commercial:

Voting is open until Jan. 31 at One warning: You have to register with the site to vote. For more info on De Jesus, check out this story from ABC 30.

UPDATE: Apparently, a Fresnan has his hands in another of the six finalists. “The Casket” was edited by once-Fresnan Stephen Yao. Here’s that video:

[Thanks to Rose and Natali for the head's up on these]

Responses to "Help a Fresnan ‘Crash the Super Bowl’"

Chase Sanborn says:


Natali says:

Tough call! We actually have two Fresnans repping in the finalist videos! “Casket” is also produced by a former-Fresnan/recent LA resident- Steve Yao. Both are awesome vids :-)

Mike Oz says:

Yeah? I did not know. I’ll update my post here to include that.

Stephen says:

Very tough choices.

I think De Jesus has a REALLY good chance. For me it’s either his or the Underdog one (the bark collar).

Kids and animals, always a good sell.

The Fresnan says:

Ex Fresnans, huh? Tell’em to get their new fangled LA friends to help them out. We have our own shizz to worry about.

PC63 says:

WHY DON’T YOU GET LOST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MsJoey says:

Awesome!!! Very cool!

I like them both, but the first one lagged just a bit building up to the punch line.

I thought the Casket one was very appropriate for the Super Bowl.

Fresno: FTW