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A big THANK YOU from The Beehive


We owe a hearty thanks to Beehive readers for making Saturday’s Beehive Birthday V a roaring success. I’m sure I speak for the rest of the bloggers here when I say we were blown away by the turnout, and happy that everybody seemed to have so much fun.

Personally, I’m always worried when we have events, because it’s not something we do every weekend. So I wonder whether people will really show up. You could ask Kathy or Heather — I was pretty nervous this time around. But by 8 p.m., just an hour in, the turnout was more than I had ever dreamed.

Beyond the sheer numbers, I was happy to see such a diverse sampling of the community. Downtown businessmen, bloggers, teachers, librarians, punk rock dudes, film-makers, art gallery owners, bar hoppers, roller derby players, furry mascots and many, many more were there trying to master our games (tough, huh?) and win some great prizes.

It’s our hope that many of you experienced something new — whether it was Full Circle’s brews, or the ladies of the Valley Burlesque Society, or just a Fresnan you met for the first time. And hopefully you came away loving Fresno just a little bit more.

OK, I’m going to step off that soapbox now, because there are many people who deserved to be thanked for making the party success.

[photo credit: Joe Osejo]

We couldn’t have done it without some really awesome people to put on stage.

Thanks to the local businesses who answered the call for prizes. You guys happily overwhelmed us

It took a lot of people to plan, organize and run those oh-so-popular games.

  • Joy Mohler (for helping in so many ways)
  • Brodiemash (for design skills)
  • Candice Torres (for being all-around awesome)
  • The gents at Full Circle for helping us set up and test out games.
  • Paul Germain for his ice carving skills.
  • Our carnies: Michael, Melyssa, Kevin, Craig and Betsy (you guys were clutch!)
  • The Beehive bloggers who spent way more time than expected running games.
  • Joe Osejo and Michael Banti for taking pictures.
  • D4D Entertainment, who really helped us promote the event.
  • To everyone who posted it on the Facebook or Twitter, told their friends, or otherwise spread the word.

**NOTE: Look for another post soon with pictures from the event. We’ll also be announcing the winners of the “Guess How Many Corks” game later today.

Responses to "A big THANK YOU from The Beehive"

brodiemash says:

Twas a great time! Much props to everyone at the Beehive who worked hard to put this together. Any idea how many peeps showed up?

Mike Oz says:

Not scientifically. Got a good guess?
I’ve heard guesses ranging from 300 to 350.

Heather says:

We could count leftover raffle tickets and make a fairly good estimate.

VBS Fresno says:

Hooray for 5 years of the Beehive!

It was fun! What a crazy, amazing crowd! There were so many people there our flowers almost got crushed.

So, from Amanda Allure, Joie de Vivre, Dixie Beaudoin, Bella Felina and Rouge de Sang… thanks for including us in the festivities! We love a chance to hit the stage for some shimmying, shake-it action.

And for anyone interested in joining the ladies of the Valley Burlesque Society, a new class series starts tonight at Cal Arts Academy Severance, at Wishon and Floradora in the Tower District, at 6:30pm.

If you’re just not sure, don’t be shy, it’s way more fun than frightening, and you don’t have to perform in public. Just take a class and unleash your inner diva in private. (For info, email in a hurry.)

Here’s to five more years of the Fresno Beehive.

The Valley Burlesque Society
(Real Women. Real Bodies. Real Burlesque.)

Mike Oz says:

I counted entries to the Wine Cork contest, and that was 195, but I know a good number of people didn’t enter that.

Childers says:

Just a fantastic evening all around. All of the planning was obvious, and I did not talk to anyone who did not have a blast. Great job Beehive!

blake says:

Definitely a display of many people working hard to make a solid event, wonderfully supported by the community—and a blast was had by all.
Thanks to those who made it happen!

hootzie says:

One of the coolest events I’ve been too. (and not just because my wife and I won the equivalent of 2-3 date nights.) Such a great collection of different people coming together to support something hip like the Beehive. Much love and I’m inspired to maybe start my own blog and contribute more the comments section of the Beehive. Whether you like it or not. Ha!

Always fun hanging out with you guys and all the people who enjoy the Hive. Thanks again for including the 2010 Rogue Muse in the evening!

Michael says:

Congrats on another killer event. Could not believe how many people showed up, I don’t think I’ve never seen that many people at Full Circle before. All the entertainers did a stellar job (especially the bee girl, she was my fav).

Mad props to the Beehive for putting this on, you definitely topped what you did last year. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next year.

And speaking of next year, I will regain my rightful position as top commentator of the Beehive from Ms. Joey. I don’t care what it takes. So bring it.

The event was great. Thanks for letting me join in on the fun. It was the largest crowd I’ve performed in front of (I count all the people…even the ones getting drinks and not paying attention).

The Beehive is a critical part of the community. I hope the powers-that-be get this fact. I’d be interested in knowing the budget, because it seems you all know how to do a lot with very little. The community support and participation was great. Some killer prizes, wonderful volunteers and a bunch of other cool stuff.

Propers to you, Fresno Beehive.

Mike Oz says:

We spent around $100 (basically games and cupcakes). We put a lot of mileage and man-hours into it too. The success was a more testament to what you said — hard work, great donations. awesome volunteers.

Big win for the community.

Solitaire says:

Awesome party!!! Thank you for helping us unveil the Muse and I’ll get you a graphic of the muse so we can post it everywhere!!! :)

Gina says:

That was fun! You should have more parties.

Clare says:

Thanks for hosting such a fun night, Beehive. Congratulations…I flippin’ love Fresno!

Bryan Harley says:

It was a friggin’ great party. Hats off to the Beehive. I must say I enjoyed the “carnival” theme as well, versus just having musical acts. In fact, I ENJOYED the lack of musical acts.