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Cross Streets: Fresno & G

The Dumb Drum’s “Cross Streets” video series is back with a second hilarious installment. There is a lot of amazing stuff happeing around the Fresno blogsophere right now, and these videos rank right near the top. I like this new one so much, I’m making a rare Saturday post. Enjoy. (Warning: Language NSFW)

I don’t think we posted the first “Cross Streets” video about First & Shields, so here it is:

Responses to "Cross Streets: Fresno & G"

brodiemash says:

Thanks for the kind words, sir!

I just saw this on youtube a couple of hours ago!!
nice vids of fresno with a bit of humor added

Bryan Harley says:

Thanks for the pluggage, Mike! Glad people are digging this, we’re having fun.

Jasmine says:

First and Shields = awesome. I grew up on Princeton (near the old Valley Children’s) down the street from 1st and Shields. For some reason my dad’s idea of quality bonding time was taking family walks along these canals. The bottom of the canal is also where most of the Target shopping carts would go to die. Anyway, nice job w/ the videos. :)

Gracie Nava says:

*Lol* Nice job you guys, that was cool!

Kim Burly says:

I can’t stop laughing, yeesh!

blake says:

Awesome. This intersection idea is perfectly brilliant. Keep ‘em coming!

C’mon. Walking along a ditchbank is like the perfect ZenPoet contemplation excercise.
You know we always hear about how Amercian Graffiti was about Modesto, etc.—-but it wasn’t until I watched it recently and saw a boy and girl character take off on a walk down a ditchbank that I went “Ah yeah. It’s summertimne in the valley.”

The Fresnan says:

Daaang, how many different jackets to the Dumb Drumb kids have?

brodiemash says:

Yes, we need to add a little “Wardrobe provided by…” at the end of each one. Naw, I guarantee you those will be the two jackets you will see from now on, we are bloggers after all. That IS until we get corporate sponsorship :)