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Fres-Know: We’re also Fresh and Easy


It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.

SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN: Finally, Fresno’s Fresh & Easy markets have opened their doors, including the long-awaited downtown store. Head over to Fresno Famous for a review, to Central Valley Moms for a video and to the News Blog for a rundown of its green practices. [Fresno Famous/Central Valley Moms/News Blog]

FRESNOTAGOODIDEA: This is Conlan sets out to mock the campaign to change Fresno’s name, but ends up making a really good point — and does quite well with the mockery stuff too. [This is Conlan]

TALENT LOCAL: The Fresno Blogosphere has produced yet another great new series profiling the best of Fresno. This one is Travis Sheridan’s Talent Local segment, in which he celebrates skilled professionals — designers, photographers, lawyers, etc. — in Fresno. Definitely worth checking out. [Travis Sheridan]


31 FLAVORS: Speaking of Yay Fresno on the blogsophere: The 31 Days of Fresno blog craze keeps chugging along. Triangle Drive-In, Storyland, local music and Fresno State’s lecture series are some of the cool Fresno things highlighted between the two complementing blog ventures. [31 Days of Fresno/Heck Yes Fresno]

BEHIND THE 31: Want to know about the woman who invented the 31 Days idea? Sure you do. Her name is Kim Schuller and Famous has a great Q & A with her. [Fresno Famous]

NEWTON’S LAW: You know how for every action, there’s an opposite reaction? Well, the 31 Days of Fresno movement has inspired a 31 Hates of Fresno page on Facebook. I guess haters gon’ hate.[31 Hates of Fresno]

LIVING LOCAL: James Collier’s month-long Buy Local quest is still going on. His blog has been chronicling the victories and pitfalls. Like how sometimes you just really need Starbucks. [James Collier]

DOWNTOWN DINING: Fresno’s Downtown Association has started a Restaurant of the Week feature on its site. Every week, it will profiling a different downtown eatery. Who’s going to try them all? [Downtown Association]

DOWNTOWN CLUBBING: The Business Journal has a look at The 600 Club’s transformation into the nightlife venue, something that started with that New Year’s Eve bash a few weeks back. But what’s up with that quote from City of Fresno dude William Broomfield at the end dissing mom-and-pop business? Hmmm. [The Business Journal]

FRESNO > CHICAGO? Fresno made another Men’s Health list. This one is the 2010 version of “Best and Worst Cities for Men.” We’re at 66, which isn’t too great, but ahead of places such as Chicago, Nashville and New Orleans. Oh, and there’s also an obligatory Fresno crack in the comments. [Men’s Health]

BLOGGER OVERLOAD: The Daily Dues is starting something called “The 31 Bloggers of Fresno.” We’ve read the teaser three times, and we’re still not quite sure what it’s about. It’s supposed to start today though. We’re bubbling with anticipation. [The Daily Dues]

[photos by The Bee’s John Walker (top) and Jennifer Emerling]

Responses to "Fres-Know: We’re also Fresh and Easy"

Michael says:

I love how there are currently 2 fans for the 31 Hates of Fresno.

But you are right Mike, for every positive thing that is said about Fresno there is going to be a negative one, trying to bury it back down into mediocrity. Thankfully this town has enough good people to not let that happen.

MsJoey says:

Comment all you want, Mr. Second-Rate.
I’m still gonna win!

Great Blog, by the way, Mr. Oz.

captwhiffle says:

Thanks for compiling the list, Mike. The 31 Days of Fresno blog is awesome. That 31 Hates of Fresno page is just pathetic. People who aren’t clever shouldn’t try that sort of thing.

Conlan says:

Wow, that “Hate” page is sad. I agree with whiffle: complaining is not clever. I really don’t want to feed the trolls, but I so want to respond…

For one thing, SJCL is accredited within California, and other states can choose to honor their law degrees for practice there. For another, a philharmonic that plays once a month is something pretty great, that I’d guess about 90% of cities in the U.S. don’t have. A population who can’t spell or write? Confirmation bias. Lastly, of course it’s easier to come up with negative stuff to say over positive. We as a society are born complainers. There’s always going to be some b-hole to rain on the parade. Pfft.

It looks like the hater has lost interest in the project (and the greater community never was interested in it). Here’s hoping this publicity doesn’t encourage them.

mdub420 says:

twenty ten needs to be the year that i put some spice in my pathetically boring ass dull life (looking in the mirror right now, LOL!). i’ve lurking here since 2008 and need to actually get out and do these things Mike writes about. pinche Real Dave is putting me to shame, haha. awesome blogs from awesome peeps. now i just need to get off my ass.

You did make an appearance at the 2009 Beehive bash. Get on out some more.


The Fresnan says:

A lot of good blogging out there in the Fresno scene nowadays. It’s almost getting to the point where I can’t follow it all there’s so much going on.

Donald Munro says:

Conlan’s post is a must-read. Don’t miss it!