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2009: The Beehive Year in Review

On this, the last day of the year, we’ll look back at the year that was at The Beehive, thanks to some nifty stats from our Web staff. You can see our most commented posts, most viewed posts and top commenters below.

Thanks to everybody who reads, comments and otherwise participates in our little corner of the Internet. Happy New Year!


# of posts: 2,295 | # of comments: 19,757

1. Grammys 2009: The live blog (195)
2. Why I’ll never eat at Red Zone Sports Grill (192)
3. Does this Tower District mural offend you? (144)
4. Starline: Do we have a revolt on our hands? (115)
5. Fresno: The dumbest city in America? (105)
6. Live-blogging the Oscars (92)
7. Best Tri-Tip Sandwich in Town? (89)
8. WTF or FTW: Roundabouts in the Tower District (86)
9. Is Edge really opening on Friday? (84)
10. What do you think of the Iron Bird Lofts public art? (80)

1. You could win this super cool “Watchmen” Xbox and other prizes (645)
2. Win tickets to see ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ (619)
3. Win tickets to a screening of “New Moon” (329)
4. Wanna see ‘Monsters vs. Aliens’ with The Beehive? (177)
5. Win Big Fresno Fair concert tickets (160)
6. Who wants to meet Rascal Flatts? (149)
7. Win tickets to “Up In the Air” screening (140)
8. You Review ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ … and possibly win stuff (83)

1. Celebrities with messed up ink
2. Fresno: The dumbest city in America?
3. Does this Tower District mural offend you?
4. Planet Hiltron still bringing the funny
5. Braless movement heavy on the movement
6. Why I’ll never eat at Red Zone Sports Grill
7. Your mornings are now Laurie West-less
8. You Review Demi Lovato & David Archuleta
9. No Doubt & Paramore: Give us your reviews
10. Robert Pattinson. Just because.

1. Ms. Joey
2. Stephen
3. Wet Towel (or some variation thereof)
4. brodiemash
5. mdub420
6. ed
7. Solitaire
8. blake
9. Travis Sheridan
10. Michael

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Responses to "2009: The Beehive Year in Review"

MsJoey says:

I’m first place this year!! SUCK ON THAT, MICHAEL!!!!!

Whoooop! I’d like to thank my boss for allowing me to have my own office where my computer screen faces AWAY from the entrance.
I’d also like to thank my 10th grade typing instructor for teaching me how to type 45wpm.
But mostly I’d like to thank The Fresno Beehive for not growing tired of me and my self-grandizing comments.

Here’s to another year and another cake fight!!!

Michael says:

Man I really slipped this year from No. 1 all the way to No. 10. And Joey all I’m gonna say is don’t call down the thunder. :P

Congrats to the Beehive on another great year of blogging goodness. I love how this community just keeps growing and growing. And next year I will be back on top so Joey you can suck on that. Whatever that is I’m not quite sure…

The Fresnan says:

Happy New Year and junk to you too, Hive. Congrats on a stellar year of blogging – that’s a lot of work done.

The 10 most viewed is real interesting. The Laurie West being high as 7 is wierd to me, and the You Reviews making the top ten is surprising, bad celeb tats being number one (making it the most viewed post on the local blogosphere, probably) – don’t know what to think of that. Congrats to McLane and Oz for sweeping the top ten views.

blake says:

Yer Thankses crack me up Joey. Straight on solid, while I claim the 5th ammendment.

Stephen says:


Congrats to MsJoey.

I’m assuming HMac beat out everyone again when it comes to comments.

Mike Oz says:

Yeah, Heather and me were 1 and 2 on the list.

wet towel says:

…huh, Teresa’s right, I did make the list… how’bout that… (with work and school, I wasn’t even trying…)

First: A happy New Year to you all, hope your 2010 is a real blessing.
This year, we lost some good people, found some good people, and pulled a few of ‘em back. (Poignant, Heartbreking, heartwarming, and sweet, —but all if it showing how much heart the Fresnans I know, have, –and I’m grateful to all of them.)

To the Bee? (Beehive)

You guys do put up stuff that is interesting to talk about, –and I really appreciate the dialogue and comments from folks on such a wide variety of topics… It’s an honor to share opinions and be provoked to deeper thought by the likes of you.

Thanks that will shock the hell out of you:
Heather: (yeah, my Ginger-Haired (cuter than anything) fire-keyed Ms. Moriarity…
(She actually sent me a reasonably respectful Email one day that showed me the wall of words that BeeHive runners have to sort out and reconstruct into tangible sentences… and I realized… unkay, they’re not just being nasty, they really are just asking for a break from the wall of letters…. kudos.)

I won’t make the party (sorry, other commitments,) but happy 5th Beehive.
There are some truly wonderful (and some truly unwonderful) people in this town, –and it’s an honor to write with you all…