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Weekend Rewind: Upon Further Revue


Well folks, Monday is here again. How’d you spend your weekend? Getting in the Christmas spirit? Avoiding the mall at all costs? Braving the rain to hit the town? Here’s a little of what I did this weekend. Add your own adventures in the comments.

- Me and Wifealicious decided to check out some Christmas lights. None of the big stuff, just some neighborhoods I’d heard about, and we were pleasantly surprised at what we found. Expect another post on this subject soon, but I will say that the house on Sierra Ave. with the lights set to music is EPIC.

- Headed over to Revue for Patrick Contreras‘ Christmas concert. While the music was great (Steve Ono joined him on guitar, and Jason Williams was on percussion) and the place was packed, I was mostly taken aback by Revue’s amazing new theater space. Wow. I know I was supposed to be listening to Christmas music and thinking about the season, but all I could think about was the many awesome potential uses for that space — music, comedy, poetry, films, Rogue Festival? I think it’s a good fit for any and all of that. I’ll be very eager to see what happens there.

- It’s not all wows for Revue, though. The service that night was sloooooooow. It literally took my wife 30 minutes to get a hot chocolate. There was a line of people right with her complaining about not getting their drinks. She could have easily walked to Starbucks and back in that time. The place was probably way more crowded than usual, so I sort of understand the back-up, but I also think that Revue may have made a bad impression on potential new customers that night.

- Ack! I got totally OWNED in the Fresno Bloggers Bowl fantasy football playoffs. No repeat championship for me. I have two guys still to play tonight, but Nick Gennock and his 161 points are up by more than 100 on me.

- Tried to avoid any and all spoilers for the “Dexter” season finale. I thought I’d get to watch it, but didn’t get to. In other news: Wifealicious and I got pretty close to beating New Super Mario Bros. Wii last night.

What did you see? Where did you go? Discover a new band? Try a new place to eat? Spill it all in the comments.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Upon Further Revue"

bradley says:

Revue has a policy of not allowing a cover charge for events at the new space. Probably a permitting issue. They will not even allow advance tickets sales with no sales at the door.

559rell says:

That new theater at the back half of Revue used to be one of those store front churches, am I right?

I always wondered if that space was really being used.


MsJoey says:

The space at Revue is amazing!!
The sad thing is that the management had plenty of notice that there would be a HUGE crowd. So they should have staffed accordingly. Crazy thing is that a friend of mine works there and she almost had to work alone for the night cause someone had called in. But they came through.
Can you imagine????

I really enjoyed this venue, I’ve been wanting to do some acoustic shows and this place is great for that, the room is nice looking, the vibe is great, and its a great location.

on the other hand..

I feel really bad for anyone that came and had to wait so long for a drink.

The guy that does the booking for the theater spoke to me after the show, and let me know next time I play there they will have more staff for the night.

Other than this, I hope the night was enjoyable for everyone and
thanks again to The Revue for having me.

Chris( La Chicana) says:

I finally made it to Guadalajara (the new one in Clovis). So don’t take this the wrong way but it seemed odd to me that the majority of the waiters were Asian, actually all but one. I wonder if they worked there when it used to be a Thai restuarant. I shared the “fat man” margarita with my hubby. The salsa was really good, so was the chile verde and the cocido. We will definitely go back!

Mike Oz says:

As I’ve had that explained to me, it’s a family that’s friends with the family that owns Guadalajara. When the Guadalajara family needed more people for the new location, they asked one of their long-time employees if he had family members looking for a job. Everybody who works there is either part of the family or friends of the family.

Famous says:

Friday: Hung out at the Revue space. The space is awesome. How it will go over as a “free” venue, I don’t know. I hope people embrace it.

After that was karaoke at Tokyo Garden. Did Whip It and a duet of I Touch Myself, which is a disturbing song when sung by a man. It’s a double standard I know.

Saturday: Lunch-ish meeting at Club One. They have security there? Didn’t know. Made me check my bag and put away my pocket knife. The security guy actually confused me. I couldn’t figure out what he wanted from me. Like, I am sooo not a threat. It was strange.

Sunday: Nothing of note.

Mike Oz says:

I noticed. They had a note on the counter about it. I know that will hinder certain things … but I imagine there’s some good free stuff that can happen in there. I immediately thought it would be good for Swede Fest or something else celebrating local film.

Nancy says:

No Dexter spoilers from me, but JIMINIY XMAS! You GOTTA see what happens!!!

ed says:

friday – i was at karaoke for benji’s (fay wrays) bday and saw famous whitewater kill @ whip it and seem odd singing i touch myself with another man’s wife. i sang a few song myself

saturday – i was back @ tokyo garden for my wife’s coworker’s husband’s birthday party. it was super nice, i’d forgotten how good the food is at tokyo garden. i also received a huge compliment from toshi about my singing the previous night @ karaoke. then i went home and watched a recorded ufc fight card.

sunday – i took a similar beating in the fresno bloggers bowl 2. i’m down 63 with a qb and a receiver left, so i think my odds are slightly better than oz’s, but i still know that my championship run is over. outside of that beating i watched some dvr’d stuff (snl sucked!).

where are the different places to see xmas lights in fresno like the one mentioned

the only ones i know of are the usual xmas tree lane and hungtingtion blvd


Mike Oz says:

Check out the Alluvial, between Willow and Peach. It’s what I linked above.

The place pictured is on Sierra, just east of First.

I know there’s gotta be some other gems out there too.

blake says:

Friday was our usual walking to dinner fun–this time it was Sun Hong Kong on Draper in Kingsburg.
mmmmm their orange chicken is tasty!

Saturday: stuff around the house, then Rogue Festival performer’s meeting and hanging a bit at Starline Grill.

Sunday: complicated day of Trike Shop show in the afternoon for Toys for Tots with a bunch of other bands (not rained out, yeah!), then back to Kingsburg for a Sunday School Christmas program, then back out to Clovis for the tail-end of a party.

Kathy Mahan says:

Friday, we tried a newer Mexican restaurant in Clovis Papa Chentes, which was pretty lively and had good fish tacos and salsa.

Saturday, went the my husband’s work holiday party at the Grand Ballroom, where Shiver Fox was hired to play. It was pretty great to see Trey Tosh play solo before the band went on together. I liked them at Kiss, and they sure made this party a lot of fun.

Sunday, I watched the Chargers win again. Woo-hooo! And then worked on Christmas card stuff.

Stephen says:

I sat around all weekend suicidal like Billy Joel’s daughter, but couldn’t hook myself up with any homeopathics…

Can’t blame the girl, tho…I mean, she’s Christie Brinkley’s daughter but got stuck with her father’s looks…I’d take 8 St. Johns Wart pills just for that alone.