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To-Do Tonight: All-ages rock, cupcakes, Trouble at River Park and new nightlife

It’s another of those a-dozen-cool-things-happening Thursdays. We already told about the Cirque Du Noel event and the theater offerings tonight. But there’s plenty happening in the music and club scene too.

We start at the Crest Theatre, where Breathe Carolina oughta pull in the youngsters with its screamo-meets-electronica sound. A bunch of other like-minded groups such as Cash Cash and Kill Paradise are on the bill too. Tell the nearest teenager.

Also for the all-ages crowd, Chinatown Youth Center has a tour stop from Boise band Revolt Revolt plus locals The Escorts and Mane Horse.

Staying in the Chinatown area, Full Circle Brewing Co. has a combination concert/cupcake party/Food Not Bombs benefit. Wheels of the Fortune, Primer Skyline and Yesterday’s Chonies are the performers, while the stars of the cupcake competition are regular people. So bring your best.


Across town, World Sports Cafe has a night of music with The Trouble Brothers, a Vegas lounge act that plays regularly at the New York, New York casino on the strip.

On the club scene, two new nights start. The first is at Bliss, where they’re trying to bring in “famous” people as hosts each Thursday night. That starts this week with local MMA fighter Casey Olson. Next week is cyber hottie Somaya Reece.

In the Tower District, Palomino’s goes pop, partnering up with Y101 for a new night called “Beat Street.” Unfortunately, I don’t think the Rock Steady Crew will be there, but Miggy will be.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: All-ages rock, cupcakes, Trouble at River Park and new nightlife"

lame says:

I wonder if Bliss would let me be a “famous” host. I mean, I have 1,000,000,000,000 friends on MySpace and the same on Facebook. Only half the followers on Twitter though. That should qualify me right?