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Give the gift of Fresno this holiday season


This evening, Fresno Etsy Especial is holding its Cirque Du Noel at The Big Red Church. It’s a craft fair, but it’s not your grandma’s craft fair. It’s got a DJ!

The Etsy Especial group brings a younger, hipper touch to the world of homemade crafts — heck, they even blog and Tweet.

If you need a laundry list of reasons to check out tonight’s event, then check out their most recent blog post.

But if just need one, I can give you that: It’s a good opportunity to buy some local goods this holiday season. Whether you’re looking to give them as gifts, or keep them to decorate your casa, odds are you’re going to find some cool shiz.

I think that idea is worth looking at on a larger scale too: What kinda Fresno stuff can we buy for Christmas presents? How can we give Christmas a little buy-local flair?

I’m shamelessly stealing adding onto a blog post that James Collier penned last week.

Fresno State Wines seem like a good idea. Perhaps a Fresno Grizzlies fitted cap. One of FTK’s Nickel Nickel Nine T-shirts. Fashawn’s CD. Beyond that, I’m thinking about hitting places like Simonian Farms and Kwirkworld to stuff stockings.

What do you guys say? What ideas can you share for local-izing your holiday shopping?

Responses to "Give the gift of Fresno this holiday season"

blake says:

Check out the tons of local CDs from local bands available at Yoshi Now!—–Spinner’s on Olive also has a respectable representation, as does Velouria Records on Mainstreet in Visalia! Support that local music and while doing, support a local-owned shop. Win/win….wait, THREE wins, counting the receiver of said gift!

pk says:

ETSY is cool! So glad they are doing a local!!
(this is that retail therapy thing meets support a local crafter…but in a cool, hip, vibe)

pk says:

Fabianio’s coffee!! (Snickerdoodle rocks!)

I get it at the Market (West and Herndon) but they are usually at the Farmer’s market at Shaw and Blackstone as well…..check their website.

Felix says:

Along with Fabiano’s Coffee at the Vineyard Farmers Market: Timothy Adams Chocolates, Ann Stewart Pottery, Pomegranate Jelly, Clayworks pottery, Bravo Farms Cheese, Three Sister Organic nuts and raisins along with other arts and crafters for the holiday season.

Also Yoshi Now has a bunch of cool local band t-shirts as well as those ultra-cool Tower District Fresno, California sweatshirts!