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To-Do Tonight: Be Naughty

It’s the naughtiest night of the year in Fresno, apparently. Over at The Standard, it’s the Rock Naughty party. It’s billed as “Fresno’s most exclusive holiday event,” which means that somebody’s got a list and they’re checking it twice, we think. KSEE 24 is a part of this also. So we’re excited to see how naughty Alex Delgado is going to get.


On the other side of town, Aldo’s is hosting the Naughty Vixens party. We don’t have a whole lot say about that, except we’re curious what “free gift” the first 100 ladies will get.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Be Naughty"

mdub420 says:

oh my, destinee has some large mammeries.

ed says:

the “gift” = herpes.

kumar says:

“somebody’s got a list and they’re checking it twice” – haha, nice one.