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To-Do Tonight: All aboard the Gospel Spaceship


We already told you about ArtHop for this evening. But if you’re looking for a live music fix, head over to Thai Palms where local rock band Gospel Spaceship is playing.

The Gospel guys have a little bit of a classic rock feel to it and fun songs, which oughta translate to a nice live energy.

If you want to check ‘em out beforehand (or if you’re too cheap to buy music), then you’re in luck, because the band just put up a FREE five-song EP on its Web site.

It’s called “Zero Visibility” and you can listen/download here.

Responses to "To-Do Tonight: All aboard the Gospel Spaceship"

Chris says:

Cosmic Hayride will be there too. Thanks for posting this, Mike! Gotta love places that have full menu AND full entertainment. Bars are cool, too, but Thai Palms has dessert. There’s really just a small handful of places in Fresno offering food and tunes, (the 2 Sequoias, Smokehouse, Hero’s did, and a few spots in Fig Garden, now I’m blanking out…) so I hope lots of people come down to check it out.