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Fresno’s rapping reckless driver

A reckless driver who was speeding through red lights had Fresno PD on a 23-minute search today – and when they caught him, he was rapping. Or at least he was trying to.

Here’s a video, courtesy of Bee reporter Jim Guy, of the guy rapping as he gets restrained on an ambulance gurney. Just a warning, almost every word out of his mouth is foul and thus this video is VERY, VERY, VERY NSFW, but also very entertaining.

Feel safe, Fresno, the streets are safer from both a reckless driver and a wack emcee.

Responses to "Fresno’s rapping reckless driver"

Heather says:

How is that dude behind him not laughing his ass off? He almost looks bored during what is no doubt the greatest thing that’s ever happened on the job.

Bryan Harley says:

Can you say, “mental illness”?

Mike says:

Ummm awesome?!?!

Mike Oz says:

Don’t count out meth.

Bryan Harley says:

If there was ever someone destined for Fresno PD to punch, it is this guy.

Chase Sanborn says:

My brutha from another mutha in the back is thinking his CDs got in the wrong hands.

I fully expected to hear the profane perp squeal like a pig.

bradley says:

i think its brilliant.

karma says:

is this the same guy who tried to gamble at club one with pot?

oh that was another fresnan…

no wonder conan o’brien makes fun of us

Mike Oz says:

He just can’t drive 55.

Heather says:

Us? I don’t gamble with pot!

Eric says:

This video made my day!

karma says:

“us” as in “us fresnans”

Heather says:

Oh, I know. I was just throwing that out there in case the Fresno PD is reading. I don’t want them to know I gamble with pot. *Secret!*

ed says:

congrats to jim guy, bee writer (and occasional beehive commenter) for that video. it leaves me with a few questions:

is that guy about to cry @ the 25 second mark?
how long did this go for? was this the middle or end?
does mike oz think that jim guy, who wrote the story about arrests outside of jay z show & did this video & story, have something against rap/rappers?

brodiemash says:

If this doesn’t go viral, I will eat my hat (disclaimer: I own NO hats)


Clovis Eskimo says:

a hyper tourette syndrome episode maybe?

MF says:

hell yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Stephen says:

Wonder what KFed did to get arrested…?

best. of. fresno. fo. sure.

dayuumm, i love this silly town…

John English says:

HAHAHAHAHA! Oh man. It’s the falsetto about halfway thru that gets me.

Smokey Behr says:

Wow, I don’t think I heard a single non-profane word in there. I wonder if they hit him with 25mg of Valium IV push when they got him loaded into the ambulance.