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Tiger Woods scandal inspires some pretty trashy press releases


Look, I’m as tired of hearing about Tiger Woods as the rest of you, but I’m now also irritated with the press releases I’ve been getting with companies trying to leech themselves onto this scandal.

This one — subject line: “Safe Sexting Story Idea” — that landed in my inbox this morning particularly made me gag:

As texting has become the most popular means of communication today, it’s important to be aware of what these texts are implying. “Sexting” scandals have been making headlines for the past few months from celebrities like Tiger Woods and Carrie Prejean to teenage suicides are just a few to have recently been accused.

As the CEO behind largest paid mobile community, Predicto, Eyal Yechezkell would like to offer your readers tips on what to look for if suspicious that your partner, child or even friend is “sexting.”

CEO of Predicto, Eyal Yechezkell offers the following tips to investigate a person’s texting habits:

1- Timing
a. Is this person texting during the day or mostly at night when others are already sleeping?

2- Usage
a. Has this person significantly increased their amount of texting and do they seem distant from all other social interactions?

3- Behavior
a. Has this person’s attitude or behavior changed in anyway?

4- Research
a. If the person leaves their phone unattended, check for messages that can be considered “sext-messages”

5- Accusation
a. If you do not notice text messages on a cell phone, check the phone bill which provides all of this information each month and make an accusation accordingly

Please let me know if you would like to schedule an interview or speak with Eyal regarding tips on investigating “sexters.”

If this wasn’t bad enough, I got another press release from the same flack, pushing the same company a few hours later. It’s also pretty laughable:

I hope you are well! I wanted to offer you the following story idea on Predicto Mobile’s Top 5 Celebrity Sexters of 2009! Please let me know if you are also interested in’s tips on how to identify if your partner is “Sexting” or if you would like additional information on this topic.

“Sext-ing” has been headlining the news over the past year surrounding guilty A-listers who can’t seem to control the urge. Because some of Hollywoods hottest scandals have started via text,, the largest paid mobile community would like to honor the years Top 5 Celebrity “Sext-ers” featured on in 2009:

5. Vanessa Hudgens: The High School Musical Star texted some nude photos to boyfriend, Zac Efron which were accidentally leaked over the internet.

4. Jon Gosselin: Instead of paying attention to his 8 kids, Jon Gosselin was caught “sexting” with a much younger girl, Hailey Glassman eventually causing a very public divorce with wife Kate.

3. Chris Brown: When Rihanna caught her R&B singer “sexting” with another girl, she started an argument which led Chris Brown to severely beat her and prevent them both from making it to the Grammys that evening.

2. Carrie Prejean: The former Miss California admitted to “sexting” with her boyfriend on the TODAY SHOW.

1. Tiger Woods: The Golf pro was accused of being caught “sexting” with another woman, by his wife who was outraged and caused a car accident.

And finally, I got this press release from the same agency as the other two above. Different e-mailer, different client, same sleaze. Subject link was: “Tiger Woods and other Hollywood Cheaters Who Deceived with the Help of the Poker Face.”

Online gaming website recently issued the Top 5 Celebrity poker faces for 2009. However, in light of the recent Tiger Woods scandal, the company is beginning to realize that other celebs have really had the best poker faces all along: namely, those guilty of a clandestine affair.

So who rounds out the pack? This new list is full of two-timers ranging from politicians and elite athletes to A-List Hollywood honchos. Below GR88 revamps the list to award the best poker faces to Hollywood’s biggest cheaters, all who denied a widely public scandal with the genius use of the illusive poker face.

Receiving top honors is this week’s fallen hero, Tiger Woods.

It’s hard to imagine what would make someone cheat on popular blonde and international fashion symbol Sienna Miller, but Jude Law devastated his fiancé with an affair in the summer of 2005. Not straying very far, Law ignited a relationship with his children’s nanny, which he vehemently denied when it splashed across the tabloids. Finally confessing and ultimately losing Sienna in the process, Jude had us all fooled with his boyish good looks and stoic demeanor throughout the ordeal, awarding him the 5th best cheating poker face.

No amount of home runs or contracts worth million of dollars could help this all-star athlete save face when he was spotted across town with strippers while on the road for baseball. However, once this ball player started up an affair with one of the most recognized celebrities of all time – international sensation Madonna- he used his poker face to deny sleepovers and the relationship at large. Finally coming clean and ending up losing his wife in the process, A-Rod proved his poker face prowess to the world, giving him the #4 slot.

It’s hard to imagine Hollywood without the formidable force known as Brangelina, but there was a time when Brad Pitt was happily married to America’s sweetheart Jennifer Anniston. After repeatedly denying allegations of his affair with sexpot and Mr. and Mrs. Smith costar Angelina Jolie, the vixen admitted that they fell in love on the movie set – while Pitt was still married – in a national magazine interview. This ultimately destroyed Brad’s stonewall poker face and stance that there never was an intramarital affair. However, he had us and the world fooled for months, which lands him third on our list.

It’s safe to say that Bill Clinton will never look at a cigar the same way again. After denying his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky on national television by proclaiming his now infamous line “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” – he eventually came clean with wife Hillary by his side. However, as seen by his poker face above, Bill fooled us all until mounting evidence forced a confession that stirred the nation: helping him capture the #2 spot.

When Tiger Woods car crashed over the weekend, little did we know that the rest of his world was about to come crashing down as well. As further details and accusations of infidelity following the crash are immerging, additional allegations of cheating are pouring in as well. Recently apologizing for “transgressions” and letting his family down, our fallen hero can no longer deceive with his poker face – awarding him the #1 Spot on the “Hollywood Cheaters Who Deceived with the Help of the Poker Face.”

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Responses to "Tiger Woods scandal inspires some pretty trashy press releases"

Heather says:

As James Lipton would say, “Give it a ponder.”

Truth says:

Mike Oz, you need to correct the major misinformation especially since you slandering Brad Pitt based on media lies and more underhanded tactics to destroy any credibility to what is real. I know this is an old blog entry but seem people need clarification of the facts.

The media is incredibly biased against Pitt and Jolie. There is an ongoing cycle of deceit and manipulation against them because it has become very profitable & powerful spin for the press as well as for Aniston ( who became America’s Sweetheart after she married Brad Pitt but people forget when, why, and how she got such a false persona that made her so glorified to the public
as well as people rejecting any real understanding of Pitt’s personality.

The media has repeatedly circualated misleading articles, false claims, inaccurate bs, as well
as circulating misquotations, inserting lies in interviews, and distorting their comments.

Every year, the media does especially when Pitt and Jolie are promoting films that have the potential to be Oscar Contenders. Every year, Pitt and Jolie have maintained their stance that their relationship began after his separation from Aniston but it is hard to note because the media is so determined to destroy the truth and uphold an infamous lie as fact, that they will resort to either lying or misportraying their comments.

Pitt did not fool anybody and he told the truth. In fact, he has showed a great deal of restraint towards the media who has crossed the line into insanity when it comes to slander but it is hard
to stop it when the entire media is participating in it and that includes people like you who repeat misportrayals. Also, he and Jolie have been tight-lipped against the true manipulative mastermind Jennifer Aniston who was NEVER victimized or mistreated by them nor was she ever the golden girl that she always pretended to be.

The people in the know and the evidence dictates his romance with Angelina began unexpectedly about 3 months after his separation, right after they did re-shoots, and also were in the middle of promoting the film. People are living in a delusional and despicable world of lies where a sick phony like Aniston gets away with one calculation and manipulation after another while Pitt and Jolie get constantly degraded.

The media wants to destroy any access to the truth and they have frequently tried to mislead the public into thinking Pitt and Jolie confessed or made incriminating comments what that is not true at all.

Truth says:

Please display both of my comments because it is important since you printed misinformation and are choosing to unfairly categorize decent celebrities over false accusations they DID NOT confirm or support.

Angelina Jolie DENIED having an affair with Pitt in her Vogue Interview in 2006 which was her first big interview after officially becoming a couple with Brad after her pregnancy. However, the media circulated many misleading articles claiming that Jolie described that she fell in love with Pitt during that movie which was not the case. Her words were greatly miscontrued and that interview was nastily edited but her claim
of becoming romantically involved with Pitt after his separation rang loud and clear. Also, after the great misportrayal of her words and confusion, Pitt cleared that up once again by discussing that interview and clarifying that their romance began after his marriage ended.

It is scary how most of the world is in complete denial of any media corruption, deceit, and buys into every false/inaccurate story or spin against the humanitarian work, films, adoption, family, and most of all their relationship, personalities,
and the core of it: that infamous accusation that caused them to be wrongly villfied while Aniston got to keep her A-list stamp because she painted a false impression of everything in dozens of interviews by providing dirt to the tabloids by establishing a favorable dynamic with the media.

Anyway, the media has used this tactic by circulating misquotations, distorting comments, or
adding lies to interviews to make that intelligent minority that had been immune to the brainwashing think that they confessed when they did not.

In 2007-2008, the media played the same game again. While Jolie was promoting The Changeling, the very biased NY Times ( who has written several scathing editorals against Pitt-Jolie by favoring Team Aniston sleaze many times) claimed that Jolie randomly chose to refer to Mr. and Mrs. Smith as the movie where she and Pitt fell in love. The truth was, that is yet another case of the press inserting the lies and misportraying their words to incite controversy. It makes no sense after recently denying those accusations and maintaining her truth against a affair for over a year and rather recently in a big interview, that Jolie was suddenly and nonsencially contradict herself with some random aside in an interview while promoting a movie.

The movie did the same thing with Pitt’s Rolling Stone interview. He discussed his movie and many things ( most which did not get printed or depicted properly). Then they added a nonsense claim that Pitt said that Mr. and Mrs. Smith was his favorite film. That they had not seen it.
Then said six kids..fell in love..

The media chose to circulate more false claims using misquotations claiming that Pitt said he fell in love during that movie which is more slander. That film did introduce him to Jolie, and they eventually did fall in love and have six kids which did not all take place in the movie.
Also, he and Jolie have seen the film several times at several premieres so that claim holds no water.

Pitt and Jolie have to deal with a high amount of continuous slander from every media outlet which includes high profile publications that they cannot easily sue or take action against. They were not even aware for awhile that the media claimed they confessed.

Then Pitt became aware that these magazines had distorted their interviews and were trying to sabotage them once again by misleading the public into thinking they had confessed to those horrible lies which were the root of this evil.

Pitt clarified in both verbal and written statements that he and Jolie did not committ adultery, she did not wreck his marriage, and their relationship began after his separation which is the truth. All of the disgusting misportrayals that depict them as terrible while phony Aniston gets idolized as this wonderful, honest, golden girl victim with many layers of misconceptions about their images versus reality is all due to this false accusation. Pitt repeatedly clarified after the media circulates a false premise of confession ( which is almost every year) that he and Jolie did not have an affair. Neither he nor Jolie would ever make those kind of statements nor would they ever support lies.

You need to correct this information because it is impossible to believe that people like you track everything but ignore the fact that Pitt clarified every time, the media circulated a bs claim that either Jolie or him confessed, including him directly stating on The Today show that he did not committ adultery after the press falsely claimed that he and Pitt said they fell in love during that movie when those were planted statements. It is bad enough to harass and hate people over lies but to put the lies in their mouths is just plain evil. The media keeps getting away with corrupt behavior because this pseudo-scandal and buying into misportrayals that villify Pitt-Jolie and glorify Aniston are so popular but it is wrong!