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Tacos with a side of T & A


You remember Tony Stamolis, the photographer who released the book “Frezno” last year?

Well, he’s got a new book that’s soon to be released — and this one comes with another taste of Fresno. Whether that’s tasty or distasteful is up to you.

“T & T & A” is the title of Stamolis’ new book. The first T is for tacos. The T & A part, well you know what that means, right? Basically, the book is 200 pages of naked women and tacos (not a euphemism). It’s not naked women eating tacos. It’s just pictures of tacos next to pictures of naked women. I guess you’d call it alt-porn with food.

I’m guessing this is either (a) the greatest thing you’ve ever heard or (b) quite offensive. But that’s probably the point. “Frezno” had that this-book-might-offend-you thing going too.

Of local interest: About half of the tacos in the book hail from Fresno — places such Tacos Tijuana, Don Pepe, Castillo’s and Taqueria Superior. The rest are from L.A. and New York. Stamolis said maybe one of his models is from Fresno, but didn’t sound too sure.

The book is due to be released in March via Sump Books. For now, there’s a Web site with some teasers of what’s included in the book. Before I give you the link, I need to make it clear this is VERY, VERY, VERY NSFW. Now proceed, if you wish.

Responses to "Tacos with a side of T & A"

bradley says:


i don’t think its controversial so much as it is just not good photography.

james says:

Does this count as non-fiction?

Heather says:

I agree. I checked out the site and my immediate reaction was eye-rolling.

Leo says:

I wonder what kind of mural this guy would put up…

me says:

Actually, Bettie Page would probably love that!

And how, exactly, do you know the girl in the photo is dumb, or a skank? Was Bettie Page a dumb skank? She posed topless for photographers.

Kevin B says:

There must be some secret men’s club where they publish books of photography just to give the men enough credibility to have naked women pose for them knowing it will be juxtaposed against tacos.

mamatt says:

glad your back. didn’t have anything to comment on in your absence.

camilo says:

You are the Charlie Weis of Tacos.

Mike Oz says:

I don’t really know what you mean by that … so I’ll just counter with:

You are the Bobby Bowden of blogger commenters.

MsJoey says:

Actually if you read up on Betty Page you’d know she’d detest that!
And yes, Betty Page was pretty dumb for most of her life. Naive only gets you so far as an adult!

Chase Sanborn says:

Does NSFW mean “Not-So For the Win” ?

dominic says:

Oz, do you know how to contact Stamolis to get a cheap copy of “FREZNO”?

Mike Oz says:

The contact page on his Web site (click on his name in the above post) has his email and phone #.

Julius Pleasher says:

I heard that his next book will be pictures of enchiladas and naked men. He calls it “Manchiladas”.