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Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to Fresno … and other funny happenings

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I put together a rundown of upcoming comedy shows that was in The Bee today. The biggest news is that Jerry Seinfeld will be back in Fresno, playing Saroyan Theatre on March 25. Tickets are on sale Dec. 4 and cost $47, $63 and $78.

Also included are details on upcoming local dates with Ron White, the Bob & Tom Comedy All-Stars, Bill Engvall and Gabriel Iglesias, as well as a few events scheduled for this weekend. Read the whole thing here or check out some fliers after the jump.

Not included is a Saturday show at Hanford Fox Theatre with Greg Hahn. Buy tickets here if that’s something you want to check out.


Responses to "Jerry Seinfeld is coming back to Fresno … and other funny happenings"

JLH says:

When did Fresno become the BET Comedy hour???

Stephen says:

Fresno is much more than the BET comedy hour, JLH…there’s so much comedy goin’ down!

I got to see the Madtown comedy thing in Madera last week, and LA comic Brent Morin had me crying in the aisles from laughter.

Also, for you fans of hardly-funny comics, I’ll be headlining this Saturday at the Cellar Door in Visalia. God help that poor crowd.

JLH says:


1. Mike puts up 4 comedy shows and 3 of the four are black comics throughout.

2. You saw a ‘comedy show’ in Madera…..not Fresno. ANNNDDD does a place called ‘Burrito King’ really have ‘aisles’?.

3. That headline spot of being ‘hardly funny’ you are doing, would have been done by me…… but SHIVERFOX and KISS await ~

and just WHERE is all the comedy in Fresno happening? Thai Palms? Heroes? If open mics are considered where all the comedy is ‘going down’ than this town certainly is not ‘high’ on comedy.

Gracie N. says:

Cool! I look forward to seeing Gabriel Iglesias. He has always been on of my favorite comedians. I wish George Lopez could’ve been on list.