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What the heck is going on at B95?


Big changes have been going on at hip-hop/R & B radio station B95 with regards to its on-air talent. In the past few weeks, the station lost both afternoon jock Danny Salas (who also did Ruthless Radio on Sunday nights) and Mo’nique, who co-hosted their Juice Crew morning show and was on from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Things got especially drama-filled on Friday, the day Mo was fired, because she appeared on rival Q97 later that night. It was reminiscent of the good ol’ WWF/WCW pro wrestling wars.

As Rick Bentley reports in his weekly column, B95 brass isn’t talking about what happened or what its plans are. And Q97 said they didn’t officially hire Mo’nique, just gave her a tryout. B95′s John Magic did announce via Twitter that he’s moved from nights to afternoons.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens on our local hip-hop airwaves in the coming weeks. Although, I hesitate to even call Q97 a hip-hop station anymore, as they’ve gone toward playing a lot more Taylor Swift, Britney Spears and Lady Gaga lately.

B95, on the other hand, lost the closest thing resembling a real hip-hop show with Ruthless Radio, which at least switched up the playlist from what is an otherwise conservatively programmed mix of Pitbull, Jeremih, Drake and more Pitbull.

Responses to "What the heck is going on at B95?"

Derek says:

Maybe “The Boss” is coming back. This predates your coming to Fresno, @mikeoz. Some here will know what I’m talking about. It was about 25+ years ago when hard rock fans says “WTF”?

Wishful thinking on my part.

lame says:

Can’t forget that Miley Cyrus playing on one of the two stations. Banging hip hop fo’ sho’.

californiadude99 says:

It could be possible a format change is coming. But I don’t see why they’re getting rid of some DJ’s and not others. But also, look what happened to Alice. The only local DJ there is Makani. Every single other DJ on that station is voicetracked from another market. Alice is now essentially a faceless station. When Alice does a live remote you’ll only see Makani, because he’s the “face” of Alice. Yes, it’s speculation on my part. But these observations could be reality fairly soon.

Angie says:

It might have been ratings. I believe they are currently in the November sweeps or is that just TV right now? I’m sure there are a number of reasons we can all come up with. It does suck when local DJ’s get cut. I get sick our Hip Hop/R&B stations here in town. They play the same songs EVERY hour! That’s just my 2 cents. I wish both those DJ’s the best of luck.

Mike Oz says:

Oh man, is Q97 playing Miley Cyrus too? Hip-hop pass revoked!

Mike Oz says:

I thought about the Alice comparison too. I’m wondering if it could also be a case of some number-cruncher somewhere saying “Well, Alice only has one on-air person … why do these other stations have more?” I wouldn’t put that past Clear Channel.

Jordan says:

Im not surprised if their ratings suck!! I stopped listening to both “hiphop” statiions Q97 and B95. There both a JOKE!!

mdub420 says:

Clear Channel sucks. I still haven’t recovered from last January when they pulled Dre’s noon sports show and Brian Noe’s afternoon sports show off the air. ESPN 1430 sucks ass. mouth in the midday, wack. guy habermann in the afternoon, more wack. Chris myers and that pompus a-hole Colin Cowherd, both wack!! now i’m polluting my mind listening to KMJ, haha.

Childers says:

XM Radio is some of the best money I ever spent. It isn’t perfect – by any means – but I also got to the point where I found it difficult to listen to any of the local stations. It is sad to see the days of localized media being slowly replaced by corporate influences. Not that slowly, actually…

Michael says:

I have to agree with Jordan. They’re bot a a joke..

bradley says:

people still listen to radio?


Rachel says:

I also have been p/o at the so called rock stations we have on, too! Come on! Can they stop playing classic rock or country sounding music already!!?? AND- they play the same stuff over and over all day.
104.1 and krzr.

Sorry, I had to rant.

Marc says:

I would have to agree with mdub420. I am listening to KMJ now more than ever since Danny Salas was let go from B95. I even spoke with Danny today and Skip Essick the general manager at KMJ.

Danny may end up on KMJ with fill in duties for the Ray Appleton show from 12:00-2:00pm and duties next season as a host with Alexan Balekian on Bulldogs Live pre and post game show.

Way to go Danny!!! Lets all support Danny Salas and convenience KMJ to hire Danny Salas.

Chase Sanborn says:

From a B95 listener to KMJ.

Now THERE’S a changling.

Jerkyboy says:

From an industry insider, afternoon ratings were always huge. This was “personal.”

jamesdean says:

i will say this. danny was the worst on air personality. dude doesn’t know how to speak english. but then again b95 is a hispanic based station so it fit. but man it was gruesome listening to him. glad he’s off. john magic is a million times better as an on air radio personality.

californiadude99 says:

Yeah, I remember the massive bloodbath Clear Channel did awhile back. Clear Channel has a cluster here in Modesto, but I think only 2 DJ’s from the soft rock station were let go. Time will tell!

Debi says:

My question exactly! The only time I tune in is when I want to win tickets to an overpriced show at the SM Center.

ziggy says:

thank god they finaly got rid of mo.

Marc says:

Again, as I said Danny Salas was the best. This is the worst decision they can make. He will end up taking over for Ray Appleton on KMJ. Ray will be stepping down. All Danny Salas fans stay tune. Good move. Way to go Danny and KMJ!!

Dub says:

The thing that always amazes me is when you actually see pictures of people on the radio. No matter how ugly you think they probably are to be on radio instead of TV, the carnage looking at their pictures is always worst than you can imagine. I guess the old saying of having a “face for radio” really is true. Wow. U G L Y.

The best on air personality from B95 is Andre from the Juice Crew. That fool is funny.

Yeahhhaaaa Its a party in the USA.

Sandy Franco says:

She tried so hard to be black. . to bad she is indain