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The Swedies: Swede Fest 4 awards


Once again, The Beehive is proud to host The Swedies, the Fresno sweding community’s most prestigious award ceremony.

There were many great entries into this past Saturday’s Swede Fest 4, which made these picks especially hard. We wish to applaud everybody who participated, but also want to point out some exceptional Swedes and Sweders.

Just like last years, the winners get their names in a Beehive post. Congratulations.

- Best Picture: “No Country for Old Swedes”
- Best Actor: James McLane, “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and Parker “The Swedelot.” (tie)
- Best Actress: Heidi Harian, “Stealing Magnolias.”
- Best Supporting Actor: John Rios, “No Country for Old Swedes.”
- Best Supporting Actress: Whitney Grover, “Blues Brothers.”
- Best Director: “Titanic,” Kevin Searchy
- Best Cinematography: “Once Upon A Time in the Old West,” Vince Cosentino.
- Best Adapted Screenplay: “The Swedelot,” The Fresno Grizzlies
- Best Original Screenplay: “Stealing Magnolias,” Jessica Satori
- Best Film Editing: “The Rocketeer,”
- Best Visual Effects: “The Aviator,” Michael Banti.
- Best Costume/Props Design: “The Rocketeer,”
- Best Documentary: “Balloon Boy,” Michelle Perry and Christy Clover

You can watch all the entries at Give us your “People’s Choice Awards” in the comments.

Responses to "The Swedies: Swede Fest 4 awards"

Nice! Old Swedes took it! Thanks to John Rios, the supporting actor, but also the editor! He’s got a cool comic at btw!

Bryan Harley says:

No love for the Spaniards? Heh.

I was exceptionally impressed by the entries we received this time around. Some very entertaining and hilarious stuff. There were some pretty explosive crowd reactions as well, which was just awesome.

Thank you for the Best Cinematography Swedie. “Once Upon a Time in the West(Sweded)” was a complete joy to shoot. I had a fantastically handsome cast to work with, except for that guy with the eye.

Most Difficult Choice for a New Parent of a Boy:
The Conundrum – KP Phagnasay & Marcel Nunis

Congratulations to all the participants!

Mike Oz says:

oh yes, I forgot to mention that I just judged the local stuff — wanting to keep the love local. The Spanish Swedes were good though. No disrespect intended to them.

Michael says:

As much as I would like to take all the credit for the visual effects award, it really belongs to all the neighbors around the park where I filmed the airplane scenes for not calling a 5150 on me given their concerned looks on what I was doing and then putting a damper on my shooting schedule.

Seriously, thanks to everyone who attended and definitely those who submitted. And props to the guys over at the Dumbdrum for putting this on. Love the fact that each time it gets bigger and bigger.

Heather says:

Best Foreign Film: E.T.

brodiemash says:

Mad props to all the winners and special thanks to the Fresno Beehive for keeping the Swedies going! I think Scoopy needs to star in a Swede next time :)

Heather says:

He made a special appearance in The Aviator. Maybe Scoopy just does cameos.

Micah W says:

Was a great night .Great job!!!!!! to everyone

Heidi says:

Wow,thank you Mike Oz! Big smile! Jessika Satori was great to work with and I hope she inspires more women to Swede. So much fun- and the packed Fest was amazing. Thanks Roque and Bryan :)

John Rios says:

You like me, you really like me!
Alright! Best Picture! Well heck, what an honor! I’d like to thank my co-star and partner-in-crime Adrian Rodriguez. Congrats to all the other well-deserved winners! Onward to Swede Fest 5!

JessiKa Satori says:

Thanks for the accolade. It was a great deal of fun and I appreciate all people involved. Heidi, you were fab to work with as well..looking forward to SF5!