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Fres-Know: The local Internets are giving you lots of new stuff

It’s all the local news and stuff from the blogosphere that you need to Fres-Know.


The food-minded folks over at Taste Fresno unveiled a fancy new site yesterday, where they’ll gladly take your local restaurant reviews and favorite recipes — like bacon-covered cinnamon rolls. We apologize in advance for making you hungry. [Taste Fresno]

NAME THAT FRESNO LANDMARK: Another Fresno-centric site to add to your bookmarks is Picture Fresno. It’s quite fun — they show you a small portion of a photo from a recognizable Fresno landmark and you have to guess what it is. [Picture Fresno]

THE FUSION REMAINS: We thought Fresno Fusion has disappeared, but from the looks of things the Downtown-centric site is still hanging on and has something new in the works. We’ll be watching. [Fresno Fusion]


ALSO RECENTLY RENOVATED: We owe belated shout outs to the Archop and FLYP Web sites, both of which got new looks not too long ago. If you’re interested in Fresno architecture and the local built environment, Archop is a great site. If you’re looking to connect with local young professionals, then FLYP is a good resource. [Archop/FLYP]

FRESNO GOES DUTCH: Speaking of ArcHopping: Remember that “Fresno” documentary about the skaters in the foreclosed pools? Well that hopped across the Atlantic Ocean and was screened at the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam in The Netherlands over the weekend. [AFFR]


THROW IT IN THE BAG: The Bee’s Bethany Clough has details on some new retailers joining Fresno’s shopping ranks — including a new MAC Cosmetics store, a second Panera Bread location and Ashley Furniture. [News Blog]

GOING ROGUE: This year’s Rogue Festival is coming up quicker than any of us think. And if you want to participate, now is the time to speak up — especially if you’re a visual artist. [Gustav's Groupie]

BLOG WAR? On his “FresYes” blog, former city councilman Brian Calhoun asks the question, “Are Local Area Blogs Useful?” Fortunately, he’s just talking about himself and not the rest of us. No blog wars necessary. [Brian's FresYes Blog]

Responses to "Fres-Know: The local Internets are giving you lots of new stuff"

james says:

Awesome – thanks for the shout out (for TasteFresno, and archop). There’s a lot of momentum building on the Fresno internets, including two new web-based apps from local developers. I love it.
As for Brian’s question, I think he’s misinterpreted the purpose (and thus, potential value) of the medium. Perhaps I’ll save the full response for a blog post…

Mike Oz says:

What are the Web apps?

kiel says:

That’s cool about the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam. I just might have to steal that.

james says:

Party Plannr ( – a re-brand of Robert Shultz’s former app
Out of Eggs ( – may still be in “beta,” from Phil Derksen
After CVBI’s meeting last week, I think this list will be growing soon.

Greg says:

I’ll throw my web app out there, it’s an appointment management platform for beauty industry professionals called Pencil’em Scheduling Software ( We are currently in a soft launch and looking for a full launch soon.

james says:

Greg – sorry I left you out!

Greg says:

It’s all good James! There’s a lot going on in Fresno on the Local Internets :) I think the meeting we had last week is evidence that there are a lot of talented individuals doing some cool things on the web. Speaking of cool Fresno sites, I’m heading over to Taste Fresno to find a good pasta recipe. My wife is running in the two cities marathon and is carbo loading this week, which means lots of pasta for me!

adam says:

Thanks for the linky link sir.

We need more artists. Sign up, it’s a great way to get exposure as a visual artist.