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Speaking of possibly offensive murals …


With all the mural hubbub happening lately, I’m reminded of a Fresno mural I saw recently.

I spied this mural while heading down Kings Canyon one day. It’s on the front of JJ’s Signs & Art, which is across the street from Tacos Tijuana.

As divisive as the Tower District mural has been, I’m thinking President Obama is much more divisive these days — especially here in Fresno. Yet I haven’t heard any debate or controversy.

Heck, I haven’t even heard about conversation about it.

Of course, there isn’t a lot of residential housing nearby, so that issue is a kinda moot here.

But I’m sure were this mural to be in a little more north on the Fresno map, there would probably be a little more debate about it too.

Responses to "Speaking of possibly offensive murals …"

Heather says:

It’s Tacos [comma] Tijuana: Tacos, Tijuana.

That comma is what makes the carne asada tacos so g.d. delicious.

Mike Oz says:

The funny thing is that the others Tacos Tijuana location (on Belmont) has Taco’s Tijuana on its sign. Punctuation isn’t consistent over there, but delicious is.

bradley says:

nice mike. you’ve just given the freshman class of clovis north something to do friday night.

Heather says:

There’s another Tacos, Tijuana? I mean, Taco’s Tijuana? I had no idea. Are the tacos as good? I hate having to drive all the way down Kings Canyon. Belmont and what?

Mike Oz says:

It’s near Belmont & Cedar … I’ve never actually been to that one. They’re basically right around the corner from each other, so I always go to the Kings Canyon one.

Chase Sanborn says:

Naw, since ‘me n’ my gang’ painted over the watery sputum….that nice Irishman, Mr. O’Bama, looks fine.

MsJoey says:

Its much better, serves the most delicious Micheladas and always has good cumbias blasting!

I saw that the other day too. It’s quite large and striking.

k.pizzle says:

The People And J&J Are Good People.

Albert cano says:

I agree about Tacos Tijuana. THEE best!!! I which I could make it down there more often.

kiel says:

With the orange & black it’s like a giant Barack-o’-lantern

Meg says:

Obama might be divisive, but offensive? Really?

Now if it was a picture of Palin… *wink*

DB says:

JJ always has good art. You should check out the inside.

mamatt says:

Palin might be divisive, but offensive? Really?

Now if it was a picture of Obama… *wink*
-see what i did there

Ulysses says:

I agree, the one on Belmont has better food, but the real gem of the bunch is Carniceria Tacos Tijuana, or Tacos TJ Jr. as I like to call it. It’s over on Mckinley and Chestnut hidden way in the back. It’s behind the taco bell

Andy Hansen-Smith says:

The Obama mural has been hit with graffiti tags at least once over the few months it has been up. JJ Signs was quick to touch it up.
A side note:If you go through the Foster’s Freeze drive-thru at the correct angle with the light pole across the street, it looks like Obama is wearing earbuds!

Rose says:

tee hee hee


lol, best comment yet. Thank you you made me smile! woo hoo! :) and p.s. I like the mural, but I think I learned a lesson in where to find the best taco’s in Fresno just now…….another reason to smile! yeah! Hope you all have a great Halloween!!

Mike Oz says:

Well, Christi, I still don’t think Tacos TJ is the best in town, but it’s up there, and it’s especially good for late-night taco consumption. Guadalajara and La Elegante are still better in my book.

Artist says:

I don’t know which mural would offend me more…IF it was accross from housing. Otherwise they are both nice in theory.

luis ledesma says:

i think mr obama should go down to the real tijuana and clean up all the corruption down there.murals to me are not affensive unless they’re put up for the specific purpose of offending someone.thanks