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Is Fresno really that dumb?

The Contra Costa Times came to Fresno this week, on a mission to find intelligent life in Fresno. They were doing their own little inquiry into Fresno’s most recent accomplishment as the country’s unsmartest city (see what I did there?). They talked to me (cue joke about not finding intelligent life) and a few other much more intelligent than me. You can read their story here, and check out a video version below.

Also: I recorded an episode of KFSR’s The Pulse this afternoon that also talks about The Daily Beast’s list. Travis Sheridan was on with me. It’ll air at noon on Saturday on 90.7 FM. Oh, and if you missed my column on this topic, you should definitely give it a read.

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Responses to "Is Fresno really that dumb?"

DLR says:

Who knew a region with high poverty and an ag-based economy would have problems!

I’m glad the CC Times at least made it a little realistic, but I don’t like the condescension from those who came back to Fresno pretending like they’re doing everyone here such a favor.

Give me a break. This town needs more than art!

Probably came back because they had to anyway.

Also don’t like that the CC Times says we have a lot of work to do because of all the strip malls. Big whoop! We got bigger problems than too many Targets!

That said, I like it here and come from a real small town with real employment problems.

DLR says:

Also I must add that in order to get 1 million people in the Fresno area, you have to include some really desolate places. Fresno makes up a little more than half of the million, and that’s if you include Clovis.

Obviously different from areas like SF.

Chris says:

Can we get a re-mix of this with more of the mural chick? CC Times’ camera crew are the dumb ones for not including more of her! BTW… My cat’s breath smells like cat food! PEACE

Davey says:

Its not that fresno is dumb, people just arent friendly here
come on fresno show me how friendly you are with your rude backlash

stevecrozz says:

Good points Mike. I think the big takeaway here is we *can* do something about this problem we have.

Instead of discounting this admittedly silly study, we’d do well to look at what parts of it might genuinely reflect problems we face. If there is some legitimate criticism there, then we not only can do something about it, but we should.

adam says:

Nice try, Davey.

Bill Burns says:

I once resided in Contra Costa County, managed the chamber of commerce in Walnut Creek, and knew former Contra Costa Times owner Dean Lesher. Although the city was beautiful and the people friendly, I tired to battling traffic for 30 minutes to drive six miles. I love the wide openess of Fresno, the wide uncluttered streets, the tall trees and dry heat, and, most of all, its central location to everywhere worth visiting. Let’s keep playing dumb to keep them from moving here with their silly ideas!

Mike howe says:

First, I did have to come back because my father had a heart attack and I wanted some time with him and secondly, I didnt ask to be a spokesman, I just answered some questions face to face in real time, with what I thought, not behind some computer with contrived statements. Dont be mean, it doesnt help anything.