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Weekend Rewind … has a case of the Mondays


It’s not too late for a Weekend Rewind, is it? I’m running a little behind today. Here’s my weekend. Tell everybody about your weekend adventures in the comments.

Stayed home and finally got caught up on the last few episodes of “Fringe” — and it’s gettin’ good. I’m not exactly a sci-fi fan, but this show definitely has me hooked.

Trekked down to the Visalia to catch the roller derby showdown between NoTown Roller Derby and the V-Town Derby Dames. Fresno smoked ‘em — 146-71. Of that 146, Fresno scored 105 in the second half. Daaaaamn.

For the record: Visaila’s derby team plays in a real roller rink, with a Chuck E. Cheese next door and an NBA Jam arcade machine. All that was awesome.

It was a blowout night for Fresno sports, as Fresno State whooped Hawaii in football and the Fresno Monsters won 11-1. The Monsters are a perfect 10-0 now.

Elsewhere: Apparently The Game behaved himself at The Big Fresno Fair, which was a relief.

Watched the 49ers lay an egg and picked up my Hammer Pants for tonight (photos to come, I promise). That was about it.

What did you do this weekend? Find a cool new restaurant? See Chris Isaak at the fair? Eat cinnamon rolls? Check out A Day to Remember at Crest Theatre? Chime in about anything and everything else.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind … has a case of the Mondays"

Kim Burly says:

Friday I was the midway QUEEN at the fair- I won a skull-bear-thing and a unicorn and a fish! I never win anything, usually my aim is horrible- which si exactly why I play derby. I also tried the chocolate dipped bacon, which was…well, bacon-y and chocolate-y. Really good vibe there though, I was impressed with how uncrowded and not claustrophobic it felt.

Saturday was the bout, and it was my first time back after having Mollie and my first time ever skating under the NoTown name, so it felt really great. Plus we won, yay!

Sunday was all about Triangle hamburgers and time with the family.

Mike Oz says:

Triangle is the way to live!

Geanie says:

Worked till 8ish on Saturday. Then met up with friends at Starline to see the Dave Rude Band. Shuvelhead had a good turn out. Most of their crowd left before Dave Rude hit the stage which was their loss. The band is really good and when else can you stand right in front of the guitar player from Tesla? Other women were giggling and we all agreed it felt kind of adolescent but it was fun. He is a really down to earth guy who still will talk with fans and take photos.

Then the crazy Y101 peeps wanted to go to Palominos. They went and several of us discovered Tower Dogs. A dog with the works at 12am is perfect! Friendly crew, prices are better than other places opened at that hour. Where else can you sit outside at midnight, eating dogs with soda, laughing and talking with people from all walks of life just taking walks and still be in Fresno?? No where else but the Tower. I love my neighborhood.

We did have to go back into Palominos to find them. Place was packed! The patio was roomier and a slower vibe. Some random guy and I laughed at the 2 chicks dancing to a totally different song in their heads than on the turn tables while dancing so close to me (LOTS of room to dance all over but where they danced at) and waited to either have her step into my purse that was on the ground or sit on my lap. He finally got out his camera.

It was a good Saturday night.

Famous says:

I was at the Chris Isaak show Friday night. Awesome show, minus the baby-boomers sitting behind me, who were determined to make sure I had a terrible time.

Here’s a full review.