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Will The Game be on this best behavior Saturday night?


To me, the most interesting concert at The Big Fresno Fair is Saturday night’s show with The Game. Not because of him or his music — he’s pretty overrated, me thinks. But because of the all the scheduling drama that’s come to the fair’s “hip-hop night” and the potential for more drama on Saturday.

You might recall that Drake was originally scheduled for Saturday, which was quite a coup for the fair. Then he hurt himself, and Flo-Rida was booked in his place. Then Flo-Rida had to drop out. That’s when The Game was recruited.

An interesting aside: About a week after the fair added Flo-Rida, Tachi Palace had to fill a hole in its annual car show and scheduled Flo-Rida. Upon learning the fair had also booked him, the Tachi folks ended up booking The Game. Ironically, the fair ended up with The Game too. This leads me to believe that this guy is available to do shows just about anytime.

My first reaction to hearing the news of The Game at The Big Fresno Fair was: “Wow. I wonder if Fresno PD is OK with this?” He’s not exactly the Fresh Prince. In addition to being the biggest name-dropper in hip-hop, The Game is also rather explicit and talks a lot about gang stuff.

That doesn’t jive with the fair’s family-friendly policy nor Fresno PD’s hard-nosed anti-gang stance. I asked my contact at the fair about this and she said:

The Fresno Police Department respects our choice of entertainment for the Paul Paul Theater. As always, we work closely with the Fresno Police Department to appropriately staff the venue for each concert with security in order to provide a safe environment for our Fair patrons. Additionally, there is a PG clause in the contract with The Game, which has been gone over extensively with his Management and they ensure us that it will not be an issue. Should The Game not abide by the PG clause, Fair Management and Fresno Police Department reserve the right to shut down the show. However, we do not foresee this being an issue and having to take that kind of action.

I hope he abides by that contract, doesn’t have a change of heart and everything goes smooth. Hip-hop shows get enough of a bad rap in this town, and the fair doesn’t need anymore drama with this date.

But I still don’t have 100% faith that The Game isn’t going to get up on stage and start acting foolish. If so, how long would it take before Fresno PD shuts everything down? I expect they’ll be out in mass.

Maybe the worst thing that’ll happen is that he’ll diss Jay-Z again.

Responses to "Will The Game be on this best behavior Saturday night?"

Stephen says:

The Game is gonna be PG?!?!?

Hell M*tha F**kin NO!

And I want to see what 4000+ people will do when the FPD tries to shut down a hip-hop show because The Game doesn’t stick to a PG rating.

That’s like scheduling Lisa Lampanelli and then insisting she not make any racial or blue jokes.

If you’re gonna do hip-hop, you get what you get, and there’s only rarely gonna be trouble…but I sure wouldn’t want to bring my little kids to the fair late most ANY night, let alone the night of The Game.

Ryan says:

Not to mention his show got cancelled at Save Mart Center a few years ago because the PD was worried about gang violence.

Mike Oz says:

Actually, that got canceled because of ticket sales — prices were stupid expensive.

Stephen says:

Okay, so being the whitest guy alive, I figured I’d best check out The Game’s lyrics.

Not a PG song in the bunch. Not ONE.

Which isn’t a bad thing at all. Some of his songs were pretty good (and he takes it to 50 Cent HARD in one song…whoo).

So dear Fair Planner and Fresno PD? STFU and just let The Game be The Game. MAGEC will be there in full force, I’m sure, looking to arrest and/or photograph every gang banger they can, but don’t even pretend this show is gonna be PG or PG-13 or anything but what it is.

You booked ‘im, now live with it. I hope the show goes great.

wet towel says:

(‘..dear diary…. today Steph told the Fresno PD to STFU… !…
…it will be interesting to see how many moving, non moving, faulty vehicle, and jay-walking violations he gets for balance of the year…
…see if I can get into the Bee’s betting pool on this one…’)

mdub420 says:

i’ll be at the concert tonight. my mind tells me to watch my back and get ready to duck and cover should anything wicked happen, but my head is saying baby mommas and mid 40yr old divorced ladies with fake boob jobs will be out at the fair. and i’m a sucker for baby mommas and fake boob job donning cougers.

Jason says:

I wonder if he knows any Fresno names he can drop…need someone who goes to report back.

Marisa says:

Okay, so I wound up at the fair Saturday night and saw The Game perform. I have a CD of his and am not offended by the lyrics, but I was with my dad so I was hoping it wouldn’t be TOO foul.

1st thing he mentioned was that they told him he couldn’t cuss. I thought it was a really good show. There was a fair amount of West side and Blood talk, but meh. He invited all the women onto the stage which provided some entertainment – enough to have Game laughing so hard he had to stop and talk about how these girls were “dancing”… HA HA

Afterward though, for the meet & greets, he didn’t seem really happy to be there. Usually the artists do 1 on 1 pics w/ the fans (MAYBE takes 30 minutes?) All he was willing to do was walk out, pose for 1 GROUP PHOTO and then he was in his bus and gone. He could have at least said Hello, right? Or is that the naive white girl in me assuming gangsters and rappers are polite gentlemen? HA HA

All in all, I didn’t see any gang activity, I felt safe, and it was a pretty pleasant night! YAY FOR FRESNO!