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WTF or FTW: The Sports Bar Breathalyzer


Word of a new sports bar opening in Northwest Fresno has piqued my interest. It’s called The Press Box and is supposed to open Oct. 17 with the usual sports bar amenities — flat screens, sports memorabilia, lots of beer on tap.

The most intriguing part of The Press Box, if you ask me, is a feature that I’ve never seen at a bar before: A built-in breathalyzer.

According to the press release:

This will also be the only sports bar and restaurant in valley history to feature a public self serve breathalyzer to measure ones blood alcohol content level to aid in the assistance of responsible drinking and driving on those big game days.

Lots of questions: Does it really work? Is it sanitary? At the same time: How many people will go there for the gimmick of it? And it is pretty responsible, right?

So I’m not sure about this one. It’s either hella awesome (FTW) or a testimonial about what a bunch of drunkards we are (WTF). Let’s hear from you.

Voting Key:
WTF = What the [Fudgesicle], a.k.a. “What are you thinking?”
FTW = For the Win, a.k.a. “That idea is a victory for people everywhere.”

Responses to "WTF or FTW: The Sports Bar Breathalyzer"

@charlesmartinez says:

I think this is a big WTF, honestly what happens when someone has a reading that shows they are able to drive, then they go out and drive, get pulled over, and say “Well at pressbox, i blew under” Legal trouble ahead! But, i hope it blows Red Zone out of the water, i felt like i was sitting in a closet. The place is too small.

Jason says:

My initial reaction is pretty positive… it would be great to know if that beer or two set me over and I should stay for awhile longer (without drinking) or call for a ride. That being said, it seems as if they are opening themselves up to potential lawsuits i.e. officer I took the breathalyzer test at The PressBox and it said I was ok!

MsJoey says:

I dont wanna put my mouth on something that everyones blowing on!
shut up.

mdub420 says:

FTW!! i always wanted to know what my BAC was while driving home.

JamesMichael says:

FTW , Im with mdub on this one. Lets spend a Sunday @ the pressbox with the crew and see who can get the highest score . I hope they have a Drunken wall of fame of some sort. You know like Man Vs Beer. Solid

adam says:

I say it’s FTW for the pure gimmick of it.

And as far as legality, I’m sure they’ll have a big disclaimer that says it’s not to be used as way to see if you can legally drive home.

I’d say it’s no more different than something like the Guinness Book of World Records. A way to create interesting conversation in the bar or for people to say something like, “I bet one shot of tequila will do to such and such to my BAC.”

I see bar bets.

adam says:

For an example of what I meant, I’ll reference the scene from Superbad where Seth Rogen, Bill Hader, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse are competing to hit .08 on the breathalyzer.

Candice says:

Or what happens when someones tries it, blows way over the limit, walks out and still gets in the driver’s seat?

Fres-Barf says:

Interesting but dumb idea for the above mentioned reasons. But to add one more, how long do you think it will take some enterprising Fresno moron to break the damn thing?

I give it 3 weeks tops.

rick mirigian says:

i think its both! it will be all the above but is accurate, and no everyone wont blow on the same straw! nothing but positive to come from it! let the blowin begin….

Luke Moritz says:


The novelty of it is great, and will (at least at the beginning) help drive business there.

I also think it will do a good job of bringing awareness to drinking and driving (and hopefully reduce the cases of it).

Plus, it may be able to show people better how alcohol responds to their own body, and will better know if they should be driving anytime, not just after drinking at this place.

Rich says:

Makes me not want to drink.


cjl says:

Bad idea and I’m guessing their lawyers will shut this thing down. It opens them to a lot of legal issues that a simple ‘disclaimer’ won’t protect them from. Here’s a concept: teach your servers and bartenders to not serve alcohol to a person who is obviously intoxicated! What a concept!

I also see the BAC numbers being posted as people’s tweets/facebook updates.

“Oh man, last night I was so wasted, I had a BAC of .3″

Then his loser friends will attempt to one-up him. In a perfect world it would just result in their own deaths, not the people they will kill while driving drunk.

Mike Veredas says:

Well since it is literally walking distance from my house (9 min according to google maps on the walking side) I say its FTW! If I am too plastered…I can stumble my ass home. Really though, I think the best comment so far is how long will it last? I see it being broken often. And are they going to charge for it like an arcade game? I used to have a pocket breathalyzer I grabbed from work and it was quite a party toy, but I saw people trying to get the highest number…and hello alcohol poisoning.

adam says:

The assumption there is that the servers/bartenders will serve someone to a .3 BAC.

No one said the purpose of having it in the bar was to regulate service.

Veronica says:

Hah. I immediately thought FTW because I misunderstood.

FTW = [Fudgesickle] the World, a.k.a. “I’ll save the police time by already knowing my BAC is when I get pulled over.”

It’s not gonna change what people do. People are just sue-happy, but does that mean the rest of us have to be afraid to do something that might be fun? There are a lot of negative things that could happen and we’ve covered a lot of them. So I’m gonna say good luck.

As a criminal law attorney who handles a lot of DUI’s I have mixed feelings regarding a bar providing a breathalyzer test. One of my concerns is that a reading below 0.08% BAC may give people a false sense of security. Just because someone is below 0.08% doesn’t mean that a half hour later when they get pulled over for some minor moving violation they will still be below 0.08%. It takes time for the body to absorb alcohol. If you finish that last drink, blow into the breathalyzer before leaving, and get pulled over a half hour later you may now be over 0.08.

As a side note, I have been to a bar that provided a breathalyzer and all it did was encourage people to drink more to see how high a reading they could get.

cjl says:

One would HOPE there would be enough good management in the restaurant to avoid things like bussers taking drink orders, people going to the bar to get drinks for their friends, etc, but go to a sports bar on any Saturday night and I’ll point out several people still drinking who have obviously had too much. The breathalyzer is a silly gimmick – thats why they are the first ones in the area to have one.

Justin says:

That is exactly what came to mind when I saw this post. My vote is WTF though.

Bino Escobar says:

That was my immediate thought. FTW will always be “F@ck The World!”

Farin says:

So I saw that at a bar here in Texas a few months back… They had Wet Ones next to it to wipe it down between uses, and a little sign that basically said the bar is not responsible for people who choose to drink and drive and that the breathalyzer is for fun only.

I thought it was a pretty good idea.