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The Edge to re-open as … a French restaurant?


Apparently Fresno has gotten its fill of Las Vegas-styled nightlife, as Kirk Vartanian announced yesterday that The Edge space would be re-opening — but not as a nightclub, as a high-end French restaurant.

Here are some details from today’s story by George Hostetter of The Bee:

Vartanian said the restaurant will be called Le Rêve — The Dream, in French — and will be owned and operated by Marty Krikorian, his nephew.
“I’m too busy,” Vartanian said. “I don’t have time to run a nightclub.”

Le Rêve should open in 45 to 90 days, depending on when it receives a state liquor license, Vartanian said.

Vartanian emphasized that Le Rêve, while it will have entertainment, is not a nightclub. He said the restaurant will be suitable for children as well as adults — “Anyone who wants a high-end meal.”

The Bee’s story talks a lot about Granite Park’s future and how things might be shaking up better over there. So give the whole thing a read.

But back to The Edge: As much as we poked fun at the idea of Las Vegas glitz, it will be unfortunate to lose that space as an entertainment venue. It had the size and specs to be an awesome live music venue. It just lacked the vision and leadership.

Now, I suppose we’ll see if Kirk & Co. can cook up some high-end French food, and if people who want a high-end French meal will go to Granite Park for it.

On the bright side, at least The Edge didn’t get turned into a church.

Responses to "The Edge to re-open as … a French restaurant?"

Chris says:

I don’t know a lot about Granite Park, or what’s been going on. I’m not sure Fresno is the right market for a high-end French restaurant. Even if it were, I can’t see Granite Park as being an ideal location for it. I’m sure we’ll give it a try (unless we have to take out a small loan to eat there), but I doubt it will be a “regular” eatery for most people, which makes me wonder just how sustainable it will really be.

JLH says:

As I said over on FB…This will be great…..For the joke-tellers in town.

I predict this place will fail before it opens. If it does open, I say 2 months tops.

HOW does this guy keep coming up with money?

Maybe he should just put in a high end jail facility there and use it for himself. ‘Cause that time is a comin’ ~

cjl says:

Can I just say what a complete waste of money that space has been? How many times has that particular building been “remodeled” in the past year?! Are they going for some kind of record with the number of different businesses are going to occupy that space? And what about that “RED” building next to it? When will the madness end!!??!

Michael says:

Wasn’t there already a French style restaurant at what used to be the Peppermill? And that thing lasted like a week.

I’m curious as to what his research technique is for starting these businesses? Does he write down different styles of restaurants and then pull one out of a hat or something? French restaurant in that area? Seriously? When’s Red going to open?

rob says:

high end french restaurant
granite park

hell a high end restaurant can’t even find enough customers to stay open in nouveau fresno alla champlain and perrin i’m sure the good folks of dakota and cedar will have tons of extra money in their pockets for some high end dining

if history and the laws of human behavior serve me right the only thing they’ll be cooking at this restaurant will be the books

oh yeah; that pending fraud case with the dmv would have made it pretty hard for kirk to get a liquor license hence the nephew; but i’m sure it’s not that and he’s just too busy playing autoerotic asphyxiation games with his wife ;)

Brianne says:

It seems to be that place is WAY too big to be a high-end French restaurant. It seems like the right size for such a concept is 15-20ish tables, like Cracked Pepper Bistro.

dawb says:

come on……how does this guy keep getting any press at all??? ha. better make reservations for the first and only night of ITS big run.

too bad to. granite park in the original vision was to be really cool and needed in central fresno.

djrzn says:

Really?? That location is better suited for a nightclub than “high end” restaurant of any type of cuisine. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the demographics of that area or many other areas in Fresno won’t support an expensive eatery.
Look at Pangea in Fig Garden. FGV was supposed to be recession proof because of all the money flowing there. Flamenco & Bentley’s Bistro went down in a high end section of town, not to mention Echo down the street.
Plus, look at the trend that’s happening at a lot of restaurants where the food was the focus, but now its all about the nightlife and bar sales. Aqua Shi, Belana, just to name a few seem to have changed the direction of their establishments and have pursued a nightclub environment where the food becomes lackluster but the bass is booming!

Rick says:

You may or may not recall, this didn’t work in the past. Enchanté opened at shaw and blackstone in the old peppermill building. didn’t last more than four months.

I will be there because I love French Fries

Anonymous says:

A high end French restaurant?? DAH can you say more money laundering from the ____________ (Fill in the blank “Russian”, “Syrian” “Italian”, “Fresno”) MAFIA. Thank goodness we have DMV looking into the matter.

bburns says:

With hopes that the City of Fresno never again invests our tax dollars in projects that conventional financeers won’t tough, I wish Kirk & Co. good luck. We love French cooking but “high end” isn’t Fresno, as we will yet again rediscover and rediscover and …!

559rell says:

Granite Park wasn’t designed to be high-end, but that’s all that this guy knows: How to fake it til you make it.

He’s gonna keep trying to bring the plastic, the MTV, the “reality”, and the big-city sparkle to the dusty roads of Fresno because he knows what he wants, not what belongs.

Incremental growth just isn’t a part of the plan.
“Now” is Kirk Vartanian’s lifestyle, so go his business practices.

There really doesn’t seem to be much logistical planning going into these ventures, just a lot of outsider envy and half-assed attempts at creating pockets of luxury.

Here lies the struggle of one of America’s “dumbest” cities.