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What’s happening at The Edge? Are answers hidden in Kirk Vartanian’s Tweets?

You know how some people probably shouldn’t use Twitter? Would-be jailbird nightclub mogul Kirk Vartanian is one of them. Apparently something is going on with K-Vart and The Edge, but from reading his recent Tweets, we can’t figure out what it is:

Picture 2.png

Kirk has experience with hilarious Tweets. This one above (notice he didn’t spell Edge correctly) he’s been posting for the last few days. He clarified slightly yesterday:

Picture 3.png

If this seems like a man you’d like to be your employer, then you’re in luck. The Edge is hiring! See this Tweet:

Picture 4.png

In conclusion, we’re not sure what’s happening with Kirk and The Edge, but we’re guessing it’s going to make us busy bloggers really soon.

Responses to "What’s happening at The Edge? Are answers hidden in Kirk Vartanian’s Tweets?"

Layne says:

I would Make Sure I could spell the name of My Own Club before sending out a press release!!!!!!!!!!

9:39 AM Oct 1st from teh internetz

Israel says:

I’ll give him a pass on the one misspelling. Just cuz i’ve done that plenty of times. Anything that requires posting through my phone has potential for me to misspell more than usual. Not to mention my lYsDexia which looks like its what happened with EgDe. That said we’ll see what’s next in Vartanian universe.