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How fast can you eat a Me-N-Ed’s pizza?


If your answer to that question is “really fast,” then consider testing your pizza-eating chops Sunday at Me-n-Ed’s first pizza eating contest happening at Victory Grill. It’s sorta like the hot dog eating contest held at Coney Island Grill in July — expect this is part of a big celebration for National Pizza Month, which is October.

Here’s more info from the Me-n-Ed’s peeps:

The contest will be held on Sunday, October 4, 2009, starting at 4:00 pm at Me-n-Ed’s Victory Grill. We’re taking the first 50 contestants to show us what they’ve got. That means YOU! So, act fast, time is running out for your chance to win the title of Me-n-Ed’s Fastest Pizza Eater of the Year and some great prizes. If you don’t think YOU can finish a whole pizza, recruit someone you know to compete and come support them!

We’ve got something for everyone. There will be a beer sampling garden, games, and lots of giveaways!!! Plus, we’ve just opened up our new billiards lounge with competition style tables. Come check out where all the fun is happening at Me-n-Ed’s Victory Grill located at Granite Park on Cedar between Ashlan and Dakota.

Call 1-888-636-3373 or log on to for more information.

If you’re interested in more details for the contest, check out the official rules, which includes no “messy eating.”

Since it’s mentioned above: Yes, Victory Grill has opened a billiards lounge. The arcade portion of the restaurant has gotten a makeover. Sadly, that means no more arcade basketball. But if you’re a pool fan, there’s another place to play. I saw it in action when we had our Fresno Bloggers Bowl fantasy football draft there a few weeks ago and it seems like it might turn into a popular billiards hangout.


Responses to "How fast can you eat a Me-N-Ed’s pizza?"

cjl says:

Haven’t we moved beyond contests like this? With diabetes, obesity and general poor health of our society as a whole, somebody in marketing thought this would be a great idea? I mean, I love me some Me n’ Eds, but contests like this (and the thought of eating that much food in a short period of time) just grosses me out now.

Still can’t shake that scene from ‘Stand by Me’ either. Nasty.

John English says:

In a word, no, we haven’t. I guess that’s 3 words though.

Anthony says:

So, who won the contest and how much time did it take?

Mike Oz says:

Hmmmm. Good question. I’ll ask.

Mike Oz says:

My contact over at Me-N-Ed’s tells me:

“The winner was Greg Moss of Sherman Oaks. His time was 3 minutes and 49 seconds.

The event turned out great! A lot of people came out to watch the contest and cheer the contestants on. Classic Covers also provided some great music for the crowd to enjoy before and after the contest. We raised $500 for the Boys and Girls Club through raffle tickets and the beer sampling garden. Parker from the Fresno Grizzlies brought out a game and entertained the children during the contest.

It was a great event for all ages and next year’s going to be even better!

In response to the earlier post, the contest was not how much one person could eat, but how fast they could eat. The contest was all in good fun and a vehicle for raising money for a worthy cause (The Boys and Girls Club of Fresno County). All the contestants were excited about the contest and in good spirits. We received an overwhelming amount of responses to compete, but only accepted 50.”