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WTF or FTW: Getting Figgy With It


The Madera Fair starts today and runs through Sunday. This year, the fair’s slogan is “Getting Figgy With It,” an allusion to both this annoying Will Smith song and the bountiful figs from our area.

We love a good pun. Except for when we hate it. And with this one, we’re not totally sure. It’s memorable, so I guess that’s good. But it’s also pretty groan-worthy.

So we’ll let you, the fig-eating, fair-going public, decide this one. Weigh in on whether the slogan is awesome (FTW!) or super lame (WTF!). As you vote, keep in mind that the Madera Fair has a history of mixing songs and fruit — last year it was Grape Balls of Fire.

Voting Key:
WTF = What the [Fudgesicle], a.k.a. “What are you thinking?”
FTW = For the Win, a.k.a. “That idea is a victory for people everywhere.”

Responses to "WTF or FTW: Getting Figgy With It"

Michael says:

It’s with sayings like this that make me proud I’m from Madera.

Kim Burly says:

I would say WTF, but that iFig mp3 player is pretty full of win!

mike z says:

Its the rasinettes on ‘roids!

ed says:

ftw. seriously, i saw that billboard on shaw and cracked up becuase it’s so over the top.

JamesMichael says:

WTF………..,and I thought FTW was Fudgesicle the world.

Stephen says:

FTW five years ago.

WTF now.

Gianna says:

No sir, I don’t like it, lol.