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Responses to "Cop With a Fanny Pack"

Heather says:

Two things.

1. F***ing brilliant.

2. The cop with the fanny pack looks a little like Brodiemash, who should go buy some short shorts immediately.

marcel says:

Those shorts are not regulation, are they?

Israel says:

Thanks Mike for posting this. Me and Cristobal really appreciate it. He’ll probably chime in later.

Robbie says:

I can see this getting hella hits on YouTube!

The Fresnan says:

Yeah that was Fu#€in awesome. Spanspek September 18th will rule the valletta floor.

Cristobal says:

Thanks for the love everyone!

Sandra says:

The song is stuck in my head. Funny though

mixnblend41 says:

“I keep a fanny pack in my ma’f%$#@! fanny pack!” bbbblllaaagghhhh!! hahahahaahha! funny ‘ish!

Matt_Villan says:

So this was made buy some random dudes? Or film students or what? This is good. I rather see this than some of the BS that is on TV sometimes. Is there more videos?

Cristobal says:

We’re pretty much random dudes. This is the first time either of us have ever created a music video. We thought i’d be a creative way to advertise the concert we’re promoting (