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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend

Other than seeing AC/DC and watching that football game that’s happening …

1. PARTY AFTER AC/DC: Audie’s has electro-ish rockers Bullied by Strings tonight, and its being pegged as the place to be after the AC/DC show. There’s another post AC/DC bash downtown too.


2. WELCOME FASHAWN HOME: Local rapper made good Fashawn is playing his first Valley show in a loooong time — and it’s in Visalia at Howie & Son’s on Saturday night. It oughta be a nice warm-up for this.


3. LAUGH IT UP: Thai Palms — which has become a vibrant spot for stand-up comedy over the past year — continues its Knights of Comedy series with tonight and Saturday with back-to-back shows from Jason Collings and Brent Morin.


4. FIND SOLACE IN THE TOWER: A disco night? Hey, it’s a three-day weekend, go get busy. This one features a bunch of awesome local DJs at Palomino’s.


5. JERK IT IN THE PARK: Pardon us while we giggle at that one. OK, so Sunday brings the Skinny Jeans Jam at Woodward Park, a day of hip-hop for the teenage kids who listen to New Boyz, wear those skinny jeans and do the Jerk dance. Cold Flamez are performing, as other rap and dance crews. There’s even a dance contest — a jerk off, if you will.


Got weekend recommendations?

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Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend"

MsJoey says:

It’s so sad that I may be attending Jerkin in the Park.
Yes. I said it.
Blame the teen and her stupid skinny jeans!

Edward St. Louis says:

Thank you Mike for the Bullied By STRINGS plug. Gabbriel Rowland is probably the baddest frummer to ever graduate from Fresno High School right here in Fresno. An old friend of mine and a very classy dude. Thanks for the plug it is much appreciated. BTW. I saw them last week and Fresno is in for a real treat.

FSDogs1 says:

Really? No Fresno State football love still? People who want to support the community as a whole will be at Bulldog Stadium tomorrow.

Mike Oz says:

Well, we’re not the sports blog. I do “Five Things” every week and it’s all music/entertainment events with a little bit of social stuff mixed in.

I acknowledged the game and linked to a story about it, didn’t I? In fact, you could make the argument that by putting up there with the AC/DC concert I elevated the game over the events I’m talking about here.

Besides, nobody needs me to tell them there’s a game this week, right? But these local events need champions.

Michael says:

Fresno State has a football team?

Heather says:

Maybe bradley can tell us who Rita is, and why we should give a s*** about her birthday.

Seriously, WTF is happening to Palomino’s? It seems to be slowly dipping its toe in the pool of restaurant/clubs that spawns Worst Fliers of the Week.

Donald Munro says:

Come on, FSDogs1. You KNOW you want to go to “Richard III” Saturday night at Woodward Park instead of the game.