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Central Valley Talk gets cultured


You might know Rebecca Caraveo as Cattie Ness, the rockabilly queen of the San Joaquin. You might also know her as a woman about town interested in local arts and culture. And starting Friday, you’ll also know her as a talk show host.

Caraveo is the latest well-known local to score a talk show on Central Valley Talk. Her “Central Valley Arts and Culture” debuts on at 3 p.m. Friday.

Here’s what she had to say about the first show and her plans after that:

My first guests will be Marcos Dorado (100 Faces of Fresno – Arte Americas) and Professor Dick Haas (This and That – Spectrum Gallery) talking about their current shows. Through the next few months I’ll interview guests on a wide range of current cultural events. My focus will be on Diversity, and the Unity of Community.

Jon Carroll from the Reel Pride Film Festival will visit. Ray Appleton is scheduled twice to talk about two of his passions: The Civil War Re-Enactment and his Rock n Rod event, featuring his hotrod. The end of October will bring Izzy from Mistress of Reality, the Black Sabbath all girl tribute band, and before I leave for Paris in November, Craig Hamilton Arnold will come chat about the Met and the exhibits of French artists Chagall and Matisse, and his lecture on the subject for Alliance Francaise.

You can watch on or on digital tv 33.1.

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Responses to "Central Valley Talk gets cultured"

Bryan Harley says:

Wake me when its on cable. Or maybe CMAC Fresno ( could help facilitate that.

MsJoey says:

I’m so happy for Becky!!! Congrats!

The Fresnan says:

Wow, Ray Appleton, that’s a good get. I don’t believe he’s been on any indie media/entertainment in town, ever.

I just wish these Central Valley Talk shows weren’t on when I was at work or were Tivo-able.

I wonder how hard it would be to get Comcast to put these in the local “On Demand” section?

blake says:

Way to go Becky!
Yes, it would be cool if this indie media effort were more available to the mainstream outlets.
But still, kudos to Chuck Leonard and all the people working to bring interesting ideas and local music (!) to da people!

blake says:

Yes! Cool article Mr. Famous.(link in above post)

AttyKendall says:

Or maybe Channel 14. Aren’t Comcast supposed to provide some community access? I believe that they have a deal with the City of Fresno and the City could enforce this.