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Where’s the “V” in the River Park sign?

We know there’s probably a good explanation about what happened to the V in River Park sign, but we’re actually more interested in ridiculous guesses.

We Beehivers have our own. Add yours in the comments.


HEATHER: Kirk Vartanian stole it to create a custom neck chain.

MIKE OZ: Displaced and bitter Johnny Rockets employees stole it. Because you can’t spell revenge without a big ol’ V in the middle.

KATHY: Pat Hill thought the Bulldogs needed a bigger V for inspiration.

DONALD: Pat Sajak ran out of letters for “Wheel of Fortune.” Don’t believe me? Go to Craigs List. He’s buying vowels for 200 bucks a pop.

JOAN: Someone stole it to sell at the Great California Garage Sale. Autographed by the Governator, of course.

[photo by Darrell Wong of The Fresno Bee / props to Bryan Harley for tipping us on this]

Responses to "Where’s the “V” in the River Park sign?"

Childers says:

Wow, I was totally on the Kirk Vartanian wavelength…so I guess I have nothing to contribute other than to prop up Heather for beating me to it.

Kate says:

Someone in my office went home with a 6 ft. G from Gottschalks. I’m waiting for something amazing to come of these missing letters.

bradley says:

they are wrapping it in bacon to attract all the wild pigs that are running rampant in the valley?

Some poor, laid-off person turned it upside down and is using it for shelter.

Tracy says:

budget cuts of course! Riverpark couldn’t afford the V maintenance.

Tracy says:

or some unruly teenagers stole it. can you say a new 6pm curfew proposal?

DJimiO says:

The Gottschalks movers accidentally packed it.

Joe Moore says:

Maybe the River Park should have a competition on Mindhub to design a new sign!

mdub420 says:

The bums that beg for whatever on blackstone and nees ate it.

Diablo says:

Valiantly, versatile voyagers of the valley vehemently forge forward, vagabonds with vigil vision on the future improving community values. Vocative voices increasing volume, selecting vices upon which to volt not in vein or verse, finding the version of variables on vectors of mission and purpose.

I have no idea where the V is tho…

Meli says:

I also have nothing to contribute. =( Great minds think alike Joan!!

Publicity stunt by Macy*s, to get people like you to make news articles to get people to go and go “Oh! There’s a Macy*s coming here how cool!”

spursofire says:

Sadly the sign has become a metaphor for the outdoor mall itself. Like Johnny Rockets and Fuzio, the V is checking out!

girlmonkey says:

The name has actually changed to “Rier Park.” Without the teens there, it’s now a place where only the old are welcome to park their riers.

JamesMichael says:

Managers of the River Park centers say the “V” ignored repeated inquiries about his lease option, forcing them to move ahead with other plans.
For several years it’s been the landlord’s belief that we don’t belong there,” The “V” stated from his hideout in Fresno. “They’ve wanted us to leave, they’ve harassed us. … We have stayed there, but now the lease is expired, and they don’t want us there.” ——Thats Alphabet discrimination if you ask me.

DMK says:

Dave Matthews fans from LA stole it to protest him playing in dorky old Fresno first.

cjl says:

Its going to be the next logo for the club formerly known as “The Edge”. They need to cut costs wherever possible.

johnmc says:

Like they’d ever set foot in Fresno!

kiel says:

they realized it was getting to dense. The V junmped the river and is sprawling in Madera County.

Joe Moore says:

Maybe it’s gone to the same place that Granite Park roller coaster went.

I say check all the local recycling centers for someone looking to sell a big steel “V” for scrap.

Natali says:

The V is in New York for a taping of Sesame Street. He is cameo-ing as letter of the day.

H. H. says:

The Bulldog football fans have it, they’re planning on a winning season :)

Magnus says:

They are slowly making the transition from River Park to Pier Park. First the V, then the little kick stand on the R is the next to go. PIER PARK!!!!

james says:

It’s been moved to Granite Park – it’s been a couple of months since anything new has started to show signs of decay.
OR, The Fresnan stole it to boost traffic for his recent post.

The “V” was removed when a possible relocated enterprise came for a site visit. With all the empty spots in RIVER PARK, the retail will slowing make way for a new medical facility. The good news is that Fresno attracted attention from the east coast (they like our Brand Pillars).

Soon RIVER PARK will be home to the Rhode Island Emergency Room Park (RI ER PARK). It was an easy sell, because they didn’t need to buy a new sign.

Heather says:

Awesome. My favorite answer so far.

erica says:

That was legit. hahaha

SamEyeAm says:

After paternity tests proved that Riverpark is responsible for an increase in bastard stripmalls, the city opted for a “V-sectomy”.

dominic says:

I’d guess that some frat house stole it and is gonna have a big “V Spot” party. aaahhhh, the old “V Spot!”