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What’s on your fourth-quarter anticipation list?


In my column today, I’m talking about pop culture happenings to look forward to in the last few months of 2009.

On my list: “Dexter,” New Super Mario Bros Wii, new albums of Jay-Z and Brother Ali, “Community,” roller derby movie “Whip It!” and some retro Air Jordan XIs.

But I’m just one dude who likes hip-hop, serial killers, Joel McHale and kicks. Odds are pretty high that your tastes aren’t like mine, so give a shout out to what you’re looking forward to as ’09 winds down.

Responses to "What’s on your fourth-quarter anticipation list?"

Jane says:

I’m looking forward to the live show of So You Think You Can Dance. Ok, I admit I just like the TV show a lot. But I also want to support Fresno’s own Jason Glover. He single-handedly was able to have Fresno mentioned to a large TV audience multiple times – and FRESNO was said in a POSITIVE tone – which doesn’t happen often. He deserves our support just for that fact alone.

DMK says:

U2 260 tour in the US.

Childers says:

Without a doubt…Where the Wild Things Are feature film. Spike Jonze directing. Soundtrack by Karen from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Is it October yet???

I too am looking forward to the movie version of “New Moon.” I keep seeing pics of the star with dark eyeliner and hair, a clue to how dark this film is going to be, maybe?

Kathy Mahan says:

I’m with Bethany, looking forward to “New Moon.” I’m also excited about the book “Catching Fire,” coming out Tuesday, and a few other books coming out later this year. And, the “Whip It” movie trailer totally makes me want to see that flick.

Kim Burly says:

I’m totally on board for Whip It, too! Also, because much of my life revolves around my kids and the stuff they love (and consequently, I love) I am STOKED for the Imagination Movers coming to Fresno in December, and also for their new season to start (I have every episode memorized at this point, as does Cary. We need some new material here to overplay.)

Also, really excited about the TOMS Use Your Sole tour this fall featuring Hellogoodbye and Hanson.

And of course, New Moon. It was my favorite of the Twilight books, I hope Kristen Stewart’s acting improves but I won’t hold my breath.

Kim Burly says:

Oh… And Pumpkin Spice Mochas at Starbucks!

mdub420 says:

i’m looking forward to all the half naked baby mamas that will be showing off their goods at the Fresno Fair.

Heather says:

Hells yes on that. Every year at this time I start looking forward to fall, and pumpkins everywhere is top of the list of things I can’t wait for.

MsJoey says:

I’m looking forward to finishing this semester.
And getting my student loan check.
And Dane Cook.
And kissing my boyfriend.

Lindsey says:


Season premiere of Heroes
Season premiere of Smallville
Season premiere of Big Bang Theory
Season premiere of Dexter
Keeping fingers crossed for a new Tudors this year

Caramel Apple Cider from Starbucks

Halo 3: ODST
Beatles Rock Band

Thanksgiving for all of the food
Christmas Tree Lane

STP in concert

JamesMichael says:

I think that Dane Cook is the Comedian for unfunny people, I mean he really really sucks

Natali says:

I (@natticarrera)am looking forward to:
New Moon’s theatrical release
Season premier of The Office
Hobb’s Grove opening
Christmas Tree Lane Walk

I am not looking forward to hubby (@ignium)purchasing the game he is most looking forward to, the new Call of Duty and becoming a game widow.

blake says:


—Saturday, October 3rd!
(and the opening party
the night before)

Hey, is it just
me or do many of
the comments seem
to be getting
cut off mid-line?

Marc M. says:

(not in any particular order)

Space Jam XI’s (I have the Toon Squad jersey to match!)

A new baby niece (and the subsequent spoiling of the new baby niece lol)

Talib Kweli/Jean Grae/Fashawn

Trying out a majority of the teas @ Little Leaf Tea

hilary says:

New Moon!
Catching Fire!
the next Blue Bloods book!