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To-Do Tonight: Catch Nico Vega’s buzz

The place to be tonight if you’re looking for live music is Audie’s Olympic, which has a date with Nico Vega. The L.A. buzz band recently opened for Kiss at the Mid-State Fair and has also played with Gavin Rossdale and The Donnas.


If that’s not your thing, then consider Rhythm and Rhyme (9:30 p.m., $10), the bi-weekly music/poetry night at Aqua Shi, which returns with headlining poet Shihan. Here’s a taste:

Check out local band Buffalo Guns or go to a Black-and-White party. Just don’t wear a white T.



Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Catch Nico Vega’s buzz"

Nico Vega is gonna be big, and I plan on seeing a $7 dollar show before that happens.

Cristobal says:

See, the gun turns into a buffalo. Because of Buffalo Guns. Get it?

If that doesn’t end up on Worst Flyer of the Week, I’d be surprised.

Andrew says:

Forget all that. I’m off to see Tom Jones tonight! (:

Nico Vega is without a doubt the best new ROCK group to come out. The singer is legendary already summoning the spirits of joplin and ann wilson, and other great female lead rock singers….they played as if the world was gonna end tomorrow and this was their final statement on earth. There we a couple people in the audience who I know have seen thousands of bands over the years, we all walked away in a slight daze of awe because we knew we had just seen something amazing. I am ashamed that there were only 12 people watching. How could Fresno not come out an support this? was it bad promotion? will Fresnans just not leave the house on a Thursday? or does a quote from a journalist reviewing Nico Vega sum it up:

” it’s becoming increasingly rare, there is something to be said about loud, straightforward, no bullshit rock ‘n’ roll. And every now and then I like a show that offers this, with little regard to prevailing trends or what’s approved by the hipsterati”