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VIDEO: Billy Corgan at The Cellar Door

About 250 people filled Visalia’s Cellar Door on Wednesday night to see Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan play an intimate show.

Corgan’s set was broken up into three parts: A folksy opening with Spirits in the Sky, the band he assembled for this six-city tour. An acoustic middle where most of the band left the stage. And an electric ending, where he was joined on guitar by Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers).

Here are some videos from the show:


Here’s Billy on stage. He did ask, at one point, for a moment of silence for his career.


Here’s Billy behind the bar at The Cellar Door. It’s a very nice bar, BTW.


This is for all the women who find dirty rocker dudes sexy (*ahem* my wife *ahem*)


Unintentional funny picture of the show, starring some random dude and Dave Navarro’s ass (sorry, random dude)


- Here’s what Corgan had to say about the show.
- Here’s a live blog from fan site Hipsters United.
- A lot more videos from the show on YouTube.
- ABC30 talked to Corgan before the show.

Responses to "VIDEO: Billy Corgan at The Cellar Door"

Joe Osejo says:

Dave Navarro Rocks…I’ve been following him for ever!!!

Israel says:

Did dave Navarro perform on his own at all? or was he just an addition to Billy’s band?

Mike Oz says:

Just in the band.

Ryan Krauter says:

Thanks for the photo! Here is a link to more shots from the show.


Mike Oz says:

Ryan? Is that you in the pic w/ Dave’s ass?

I had a bet with myself whether the person in the picture would comment on the Beehive? Either way, I’ll win — but I’m curious …

Cristobal says:

Did he perform any Smashing Pumpkins tunes?

Kathy Mahan says:

Thanks for the post Mike. Cellar Door looks like a great place to see a show. This makes me want to head south.