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Responses to "Fresno Fail: Happy Hour edition"

brodiemash says:

Still waiting to use my $25 gift card there. Keeping my fingers crossed…

bradley says:

crossed for WHAT? LOLOL

Danny says:

that 25 dollar gift card will net you about 5 beers, and that’s during happy hour.

brodiemash says:

Rad! That’s 5 beers I didn’t have before!

DLR says:

and they “don’t have anymore good beers,” according to their waitress the last time I asked!

CJ28 says:

Are you saying they are still open?

Mike Oz says:

I don’t think so, the day I took this picture it was happy hour time and the doors were locked. There was zero sign of life.

another business in the ghettoe that didnt make it, rats..

Shawn Hasson says:

Oh nope they are closed! We were going to have the first Fresno Beard & Mustache Club meeting there back in June but they closed only 3 days before the meeting was held!

Wandering Boozer says:

Yeah, the sign got me as well. Stopped by with the girlfriend, only to find the doors locked. So, other than the Me’n’Ed’s there, the entire foodie center has died an ignoble, poorly planned and financed death.

I easily called the ones in the back. The Cabo Wabo was a glorified Bobby Salazars. And Bobby charges less. The vodka bar…really? A frozen ice sculpture vodka bar in the ‘No. I can only picture a harried manager constantly yelling at people to close the damn door. Then freezing to death at work come winter. I don’t believe the Southern style joint ever opened either.

I wonder if they’ll be able to get businesses in there, or if they’ll “collect on the insurance” ala Nicola’s and other mysterious events.

Felix Muzquiz says:

So where is THE best Happy Hour in Town, now that we’ll have to struggle along without the Public House’s self proclaimed grandeur?

There used to be a time when happy hours in this town meant free munchies. Remember the Peppermill?

Now, the state of the Fresno happy hour seems to be solely discounted drinks. Not that that’s a BAD thing…

So what’s your favorite watering hole for the hap hap hour?

Has this already been covered in previous BeeHive conversations?

mdub420 says:

Happy Hour is starting to sound good. Nachos and a cerveza is what I’m craving now….

Ernie says:

Here’s a real Fresno-area FAIL–direct from FailBlog