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To-Do Tonight: Play ‘Six Degrees of Fresno Indie Rock’


Before Rademacher became the hipster heroes of Fresno, bands such as Pinkeye and Montecore were the ones heading bills at Tokyo Garden.

It’ll be like a Fresno indie rock high school reunion tonight at Audie’s Olympic, as Greenladies headline. They’re a Portland-band that includes ex-Fresnans Mike Burnett and Scott Moore, both of whom played in Montecore.

To make things even more six-degrees-of-Fresno-indie-rock-ish: Niilo Smeds (who is on the bill with his current project Wheels of Fortune) used to play in Pinkeye and Rademacher, as well as in The Batteries with Burnett.

Further, I’m estimating that half the people at the show tonight probably played in Rademacher at some point.

The Inner Ear folks get all poetic at Full Circle Brewing Co. Babylon has a night of local rock. Thaiphoon is taking you Back to School with a spread-legged teacher. In Visalia, Patrick Contreras proves his motto is “Have violin, will travel” while the folks at Crawdaddy’s are having a Worst Flier of the Week party.






Responses to "To-Do Tonight: Play ‘Six Degrees of Fresno Indie Rock’"

ed says:

what’s funny to me is that rademacher probably won’t be at the show. chatted w/malcolm last night and it seemed he was indicating that he wasn’t going. didn’t sound like anything nefarious to me, just was looking for something different.

however, rumor starting & spreading bloggers will be in the crowd. and maybe some other people, too.

Malcolm Sosa says:

All of the current and several former Rademacher members were in attendance. Oz knows and sees all.