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It’s a busy month at Audie’s Olympic …


You gotta give it to Audie Pardon, he’s really turned around the once-Club Fred. Under its previous owner, the beloved Tower District music club was losing its luster.

Audie bought the place a couple years back, reinforced the dedication to live music and eventually changed the name to Audie’s Olympic, a nod to the club’s past as The Olympic Tavern.

Anyhow, the last few months have been stellar over there, with lots of good touring shows. August is particularly packed.

Coming up are dates with touring acts Deke Dickerson, The Valley Arena, Nico Vega and Iron Maidens, plus a homecoming for Greenladies.

Here’s a list, courtesy of Audie himself, of what’s coming up:

UPDATE: Armen Nalbandian says he’s not playing on 8/21, so sorry if you were looking forward to that.

Tonight: Roxy Epoxy & The Rebound, The Action Design, Roadside Graves $6

Thursday: The Iron Maidens, Six Ounce Gloves, Armis, Evil G. $10 adv/$15 door

Friday: Corby Yates $5

Saturday: Deke Dickerson, Cattie Ness & The Revenge, Highway City $10

Sunday: The Valley Arena, The Fling, Strange Vine $6

8/20: The Green Ladies, Wheels of Fortune, Not an Airplane $6

8/21: Armen Nalbandian Trio feat. Nino Moschella

8/22: Long Hot Summer Blues Jam/ Potluck 3-8pm free

8/22: F.U.C.S.benefit w/ The Gyrators, Whisker Biscuit & The Master Debators, Hurts to Laugh $5

8/23: Lighnin Woodcock, Blood Hook, The Giddy-Ups $5

8/25: KISS Party / release of Aces Anomaly w/ Dave and Jesse’s hit single OUTERSPACE
8/26: The Boxing Lesson, The Sleepover Disaster, Rademacher, Massaro $7

8/27: Nico Vega, Style Like Revelators, Boy in Static, DJ Johnny Q. $7

8/28: Rockabilly w/ Three Bad Jacks, The Tantrums
8/29: 40 Watt Hype

Responses to "It’s a busy month at Audie’s Olympic …"

jimguy says:

And thank you again, Audie, for keeping hip-hop and gang violence away from the club.

George (Duke) says:

Hope to see Deke Dickerson Saturday…an amazing musician and fun guy….and Cattie Ness too….

Then the end of August…THREE BAD JACKS…I am there…duke

Rick says:

The Iron Maidens show is going to be great. I’m surprised their playing a venue so small.

Mr. Incognito says:

LOL, thank you for keeping hip-hop and gang violence away? Do you know more non hip-hop CRACKHEADS run around this Valley. You can find more cocaine being exchanged in the bathrooms of certain establishments on the daily…

Come on “GUY”!

Look, I get what you’re saying, I really do but it’s not the music that causes people to go two shades of crazy. I love MUSIC and I don’t think punk shows are any safer than hip hop shows; one group carries guns and the others knives but it’s not the music that causes either group to get violent.

Maybe Audie should be our police chief….

Andres says:

Gonna see my sis in the Green Ladies next Thursday!!

MsJoey says:

This isn’t thier first time at Audies. They’ve played before and are amazing!