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May the force be with you … while you sleep

Holy Han Solo! A Visalia house that’s on the market for $364,900 comes with more than a swimming pool and a place to park your RV. It also has a starfighter capable of destroying enemies from the Empire. In your dreams, that is.

One of the bedrooms of the Southeast Visalia home is awesomely “Star Wars”-inspired, with a bed shaped like a Rebel Alliance Y-Wing fighter jet …That hangs from the ceiling!!


You can see more pictures here, then start pretending your last name is Skywalker and you’re on a mission to blow up the Death Star before you fall asleep in your Jedi jammies.

[Thanks to Joe Miller for the head's up]

Responses to "May the force be with you … while you sleep"

brodiemash says:

Psht! Everyone knows the Y-Wing is the Leader 1 to the X-Wing’s Optimus Prime.

Mike Oz says:

That bed > Your bed

Kathy says:

Wow! And I thought I loved Star Wars. I’m just going to a dorky concert.

brodiemash says:

My bed would eat that bed like a Sarlacc.