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Responses to "You know your girlfriend is crazy when …"

james says:

I’m pretty sure I tried to date that girl. I’m also pretty sure she turned me down.
Story of my life. (Until Kim, that is.)

marcel says:

OK… that was pretty funny.

Perhaps Josh (of Josh & Will) could dramatize it on stage for the Rogue next year.

MsJoey says:

OOOHHH if Josh does that, please please PLEASE let me be the girlfriend!! Josh please!! I have your email address.

I will email you.
I will call you cause I have your phone number too.
Josh, if you get this, please. PLEASE.
I think you are an amazing talent and I wanna be part of anything you do!
Please Josh, pick me!
Josh I think you are so freakin awesome, Josh!
Seriously, Josh, I am THE girl for this part.
Josh, are you reading this?
Come on, Josh, I know you’re reading this.
Are you there?
I’m not afraid to use your email.
or your phone number.

Josh, I want you to know that I think you suck.
And you’d be LUCKY to be anywhere near me, let alone share stage time with me.
Josh, you just lost the opportunity of a lifetime.
Josh, you’re nothing without me.
Josh, your soul is black.

call me.

Stephen says:

That did it right there. I am officially and formally changing my stalker-like desire from HMac to MsJoey.

HMac, please don’t cry…it’s just that MsJoey makes me laugh more lately. I still think you’re gorgeous (no, really), but MsJoey will save me money on alcohol (cerveza cheaper than vodka), and I’ll get the exact same amount of sex from her as I did from you.

Oh, fine. You’re right. MsJoey is just a flash in the pan(ts). I’ll always love you, HMac. Please, give me a(nother) chance. Please?

Dammit. Now I’ve lost them both.

Eh, well, there’s always Josh.

MsJoey says:

Buy me a Corona, NOW!