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Vote Famous: Fresno’s version of The Hills?

Vote Famous is a local reality show featuring Timmy T and a lady named Kat. They go around to different places in town, sometimes giving them awards, other times just shamelessly advertising. Along the way hilarity is supposed to ensue as we see scripted arguments, odd drama and random flirting.

The Fresnan dug out the first video in April. Today, Travis Sheridan found another video. And, lucky me, I just found two more. Let’s all stare in awe at our version of “The Hills.”

In this episode, Timmy T’s wife is going getting a tattoo and he goes on a rampage.

This episode picks up where the previous ones leaves off, with Timmy T going to present Bobby Salazar with the award for best burrito.

And here’s the episode Travis Sheridan already posted, in which Timmy T and Kat go to The Standard. Warning: Big whiny fights ahead.

I’ll say it: Timmy T = Spencer Pratt

Responses to "Vote Famous: Fresno’s version of The Hills?"

brodiemash says:

These things are begging for a RipTrax-type commentary track.

One more try
I know I don’t have the talent
One more try
People laugh at where my career went
Living all these “has been” days with regret
Oh Fresno, can you give me one more try

Chase Sanborn says:

Is this what people do when they’re furloughed?

Lindsey says:

At first I was going to ask who in the f**k Timmy T is until I clicked the link to the sappy 90′s video, and yes I remember that song, but why does he parade around this town like he’s something special?

I don’t get it.

Also, I sadly watched all 3 of these videos and I will never be able to get those 12 minutes of my life back.

I’ve never been so proud to say that I live in Clovis until now…

WARNING: This is most embarrassing sting of words I’ve ever posted online…

In the early 90s, I was listening to B-95, was the 8th caller, and correctly identified the Donny Osmond song that just played. I won tickets to see Stevie B and Timmy T at Selland Arena. I went to the show.

Genevieve says:

I don’t know who Timmy T is — went to the link on Youtube, listened to the song and I still don’t know him.

You are a better person than I.

mdub420 says:

at first i thought bobby was the turtle, haha. damn the burrito girl is stacked. those have to be real what do you guys say?

Michael says:

That was really nice of a rich person to let Timmy use their Mercedes for the shoot.

james says:

Wow. It’s almost like these people weren’t acting. I can’t imagine the honor these businesses must feel. Really…I can’t imagine it.
Then again, maybe this will put Fresno on the map. Right, Travis?

Genevieve says:

Not necessarily — I had that Manilli Vanilli moment with “Blame it on the Rain.” At least this guy is actually singing. ;)

This will officially cause both Mr. Rand and Mr. McNally to strike Fresno from the map.

Chase Sanborn says:

VERY good point.

Come to think if it, I have never seen Bobby and Milt in the same room at the same time.

Nancy says:


1) Only douchebags park in handicapped spaces unless they are actually handicapped (and being a never-was doesn’t count, really)

2) You, (yes YOU!) can get a tattoo there for $50, but I wouldn’t recommend it!

3) C’mon! It’s not THAT hard to leave Fresno, Timmy! Perhaps, in another place, you wouldn’t be SUCH a joke…

Marisa says:

I’m sorry, but I was unable to watch these videos completely. I tried so hard too!

There was a part of me that was filled with awkward fascination, but after mere seconds I became SOO uncomfortable I had to stop for fear I may vomit!

And yeah, his lame outdated Mercedes flying diagonal into the handicapped parking stall made me roll my eyes so hard I temporarily lost vision.

This show is bad for my health.

MsJoey says:

I’m so grossed out right now and angry that I lost 12:02 minutes of my life.
Has been
Has been
Has been
Has been
Has been

Stephen says:

I get paid to write. I have spent the last 29 years in the creative field.

Yet I cannot for the life of me come up with the words to describe the utter horror.

This has to be one of the signs of the apocalypse.

I have to go cry now, for Timmy and Kat and Mia have melted my brain cells into mush.

fi says:

Very classy; ratting out a customer, ordering your girlfriend around, parking in a handicapped zone, assault and property damage . . .
these people must are really special.
What was the point again?

Ej Byus says:

that is to funny travis somehow i imagine he would make a song with lyrics like that lol.

Ej Byus says:

sorry dub those are not real they are fake she admitted on her myspace that she got a boob job i think her blue eyes are fake aswell probably contacts i guess.i guess she had to get fake breasts to work in modeling i hope they don’t leak that would be uglier than these fake video segments lol.

Ej Byus says:

i agree with you Nancy only douchebags park in handicapped spaces where are the cops when stuff like this happens?i agree with you timmy t is a douchebag even will to power front man bob rosenberg called timmy a douchebag on his myspace a few months back lol.

Ej Byus says:

Hey MS Joey i agree with you that grossed me out so much i almost lost my lunch watching that junk.also if you view my comments send me a message on myspce[or just click the link] or add me i need to ask you something about a certain person that i think you might know that pertains to timmy and mia thanks.

Ej Byus says:

I remember going to grad night at disneyland in 1991 looking forward to seeing some good music groups i got to see c and c music factory i think i saw timmy t he was also there all i remember about his performance was the awful huge crator sized zits on his face and girls still screaming at him i was like you gotta be kidding me i guessed he wised up and got proactive lol these awful video segments remind me of his crators he had back in 1991 lol.

Stephen says:

Seeing C & C had to be AWESOME.

Seeing Timmy T? Well…whatever. They had to fill the bill somehow.

Ej Byus says:

yes c and c was awesome they put on a very good performance that night that dude freedom williams of c and c is a stand up person got to shake his hand after the show nice guy i can’t say the same about timothy twitter.

Katie Jensen says:

Wow it’s amazing how much jealousy fills the air when it comes to a never was been named Travis who plays childrens parties as a magician wannabe trying to be Doug Henning and a lonely housewife who drives a gold Toyota around town with personalized plates named Ms Joey…If you guys had a life that was a bit more exciting you wouldnt have so much time bagging on people that have actually made something of themselves unlike your miserable selves.Mike Oz you should be ashamed.Has it resulted in letting people talk crap about fresno people to make news on your site?

mdub420 says:

what’s up with these women lately coming on the beehive and spitting venom. must be that time of the month.

Katie – I am available for kids and adult parties, so let me know if you want to book a wanna be magician. I’ve been known to make fun and laughter disappear.

BTW, I have personalized plates on my car too. Why didn’t you put me on blast for that? I love rocking my P2DE2DZ plates…free coffee/beer to the person who can guess the meaning.

mdub, you are bold, my friend.

MsJoey says:

It’s actually a “Champagne” colored Toyota Avalon, thank-you-very-much.
And it reads MSJOEYF….don’t forget that F!!!!
And no one really wants to marry me, well except for Stephen, so I don’t think I’ll ever be a lonely housewife.
Bitter matron, maybe.

MsJoey says:

Can you please bring me some chocolate and Midol, Mdub?

Stephen says:

MsJ, I didn’t say anything about MARRYING you ;-)

Katie, I applaud Timmy T for his former career. I have no animosity or jealousy over that…he had a hit, and he made the most of it.

But this show of theirs is one of the very worst things I’ve ever seen EVER. And I worked on a Karaoke TV series where the featured singers were a string of no-tune methheads (seriously). And this show is much, much, much worse.

It’s not that he’s washed up and his singing career is miles behind him, it’s that he’s soooo desperately clinging to this former fame in any way possible and dragging the inane down with him. I have zero jealousy over that, believe me.

I hope he finds a way to reinvent himself. Even Vanilla Ice has more dignity than Timmy T at this point, and he’s opening for MC Hammer right now.

Timmy T says:

I’d like to personally take time out from my busy schedule(I guess that swingers party ain’t going anywhere)LOL.To thank all the little people of Fresno who have kept me FAMOUS over the years and continued to do so even more now after reading these posts.So give yourselves a pat on the back because without your SH*T talking what else would i have to look forward too other than my wifes BL*W JOBS!.I mean like What else are women good for?.A special thanks to Mike OZ for making all this possible “YOU SEXY BEAST” and to my Handi-Homies sorry about parking my $50,000 benz in your space.I know you all need to be bangin’ getting your tattoo on, so my Bad!.Now it’s MOJITO time.

MsJoey says:

I bet your mama is sooo proud of you.
I mean who wouldn’t love a man who rants about his sex life.
Desperate much?

Nancy S says:

Hey Guys I figured out what the “F” stands for in Ms Joey’s name and why she’s so threatened with any type of sex talk.Can you say?

Menopause sucks honey.Believe me im in my 50′s!.SOmebody get that lady some Midol like she asked for!

Heather says:

Wow. Anyone want to take a guess what the “S” stands for in Nancy’s name?

MsJoey says:

Yes. Someone please get me some Midol cause I’m frigid and I am appalled at sex talk.
Please. Someone.

Scarlet says:

Who in their RIGHT mind gave TINY TIM a damn reality show? His music doesn’t even get frickin AIRPLAY anymore. I don’t even think you can find his tunes on spin in a damn elevator?! I’d like to know just how much crack the producers were on to even think this show would be remotely interesting? Tiny Tardy Tim hands out awards? What kind of EXPERT is this idiot?
Him and his wife need to give it a rest…spare the viewers the pain of having to watch their wannabe selves. AND, the producers need to check themselves into rehab so they don’t pump out anymore trash like this….how pathetic!!

SBR says:

I still don’t know who the eff he is and luckily only watched one and a half. Still, that’s six minutes that I won’t get back.