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To-Do Tonight: If you’re not a Twitter geek

Of course, we think The Great Fresno Tweetup is the main attraction on this Thursday night, but we’ll still suggest some stuff you can do instead of (or after!) the Meeting of the Tweets. We start at Aqua Shi, where Rhythm and Rhyme returns. Apparently, it’s going to be a bi-weekly event now, which is nice ‘cuz we heard good things about the first one.


The ladies are rockin’ at Babylon, Nightmares are promised at Audie’s and Roe is debuting something called Risque, Fresno’s most *exclusive* party (to which anybody with a MySpace is invited).




Responses to "To-Do Tonight: If you’re not a Twitter geek"

Heather says:

Who is this “we” you speak for? Are you speaking as the royal Mike Oz again? Do we need to have a talk about this?

Mike Oz says:

We = The collective Beehive.
Me, Kathy and D-Munro are gonna be there, that’s a good half the ‘Hive.
Plus Scoopy is going to be there.

Heather says:

Well the other half — the better half — is taking their singles to City Lights instead. Amateur Night FTW!

Michael says:

Isn’t amateur night on Wednesdays?

Not that I would know or anything…