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Audio: Kathy Griffin is ready to get raunchy


I scored a super last-minute interview with Kathy Griffin the other day to preview her Saturday night show at Saroyan Theatre.

The whole thing came together in 20 minutes, so I figured I’d ditch prepared questions and just let Kathy run with it. Of course, she did — harping on homophobes, her mom, winning Emmys and how she needs at least 20 protestors in Fresno.

You can download or listen to the MP3 below. The words version is the cover story in Friday’s issue of 7, so pick that up and give it a read.

MP3:Kathy Griffin Interview (Warning: Language NSFW)

Responses to "Audio: Kathy Griffin is ready to get raunchy"

Stephen says:

Dear Mike Oz;

I adore you. You know this. Your work on the music scene is impeccable. You have changed the Fresno Bee and the Beehive for the better by tons of percentage points.

You are married to a gorgeous woman. You are a friendly, caring man.

All that to say: Never ever do an interview again when you are so unprepared to do so. Larry King and Dan Patrick can interview a tomato and do well, so curious they are about things.

Admitting you don’t have any questions on the lame excuse that you got this interview in 20 minutes to the person you’re interviewing just put you on the Z list.

Where was Rick? Or Donald? Or anyone who can do interviews on subjects they know nothing about??

Sorry, MikeOz. My adoration of you notwithstanding, this was an interview FAIL.



Mike Oz says:

OK, I’ll Stephen, let me defend myself on a few things:

- When I say I was unprepared, I meant that I didn’t have a list of questions I was ready to read off verbatim. I’m familiar with Kathy, read up on all the current news, knew her Prop 8 episode is Monday, knew she did a bit with T.I. the week before. I’ve watched her show. Seen her stand-up. It’s not like I was like “Uhhh, who are you again?”

- Comedians are tough to interview anyway — you never knew when they’re actually done talking. I’ve interviewed enough of them to know that it’s tough to get a word in edge-wise sometimes, because they just start telling jokes. You can listen to the audio and hear me trying to break in, but then her keep going. So I back off. That would have happened whether I had a list of 15 questions ready or not.

- Had I had 15 questions, I only would have had a chance to ask two or three — and I did ask the ones that were at the top of my list. First being the “What are you doing today?” question. I always ask that first thing, just so I know where people are and what they’re doing. Second, why she wasn’t at Meet in the Middle here in Fresno. Really, that was about all I said — except for a T.I. jab here or there.

- I hope you enjoy the story version better tomorrow. I think it turned out pretty good.

p.s. I don’t know what my foxy wife has to do with this.

TechnoBeaver says:

Mike don’t listen to this guy he uses Larry King (horrible) and Dan Patrick as great interviewers ha thats a laugh I think you did great other than when she is on Howard it hard to get griffin to give a good interview.

that was freakin’ cool! i’m surprised there’s not more comments on here.

i loved the part about it still being her turn on the emmy’s..ha!

I know of Kathy Griffin, but not a whole lot..but just from listening to the interview two things are apparent. No matter if you agree with her or not, she’s a pretty electric and polarizing personality, and probably entertaining to see.

MsJoey says:

I wanted to see her sooo badly! But alas, cannot afford the tix.
Forget HP! Give away these tix!

lattlayfottfoy says:

What a pig.