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Concert News: Drake + Big Fresno Fair


The Big Fresno Fair’s concert lineup is getting a boost from hip-hop’s next big thing. Drake has been confirmed for an Oct. 10 date at the fair. Tickets will cost $20 and $25 and will go on sale in mid-August, though a specific date is yet to be determined.

Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” is one the biggest hip-hop records of the summer and he is pegged by many to be hip-hop’s next superstar. He’s touring this summer with Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy.

In addition to that show, the fair has also announced:

All the new concerts will go on sale in mid-August. No specific date has been announced yet. You can check out the rest of the Big Fresno Fair concert schedule and buy tickets here.

- Big Fresno Fair concert lineup taking shape
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Responses to "Concert News: Drake + Big Fresno Fair"

floydy says:

i’m not even ready for this.

brodiemash says:

Dang, the booking of Drake is kinda cool. Not totally sold on him but he’s is the rising star right now. Interesting…

Mike Oz says:

What? Tone Loc and MC Hammer on the same stage? Or all the females that are gonna be at the Drake show?

Mike Oz says:

Yeah, it’s pretty big for them. I thought they were gonna go after New Boyz or something like that, cuz that fits what they usually do on the hip-hop night. This is a big jump up from that.

big business…thats dope!

famous says:

Chris Isaak, huh?

It’s about time he gets here. Lord knows he’s played every other fair around.

I heart “Wicked Game.”

MsJoey says:

I’m totally bringing my Funky Cold Medina!

joyunconfined says:


Someone PLEEEEASE take me to see Chris Isaak. Please?

I’m poor. But I should get to go see him. Yes I should.

Right. Now that I’ve humiliated myself, I’ll retreat back into blogosphere ether.

Kristin says:

I am so going to see Drake at the fair. I want to see Jimmy Brooks from Degrassi! Ha. My husband and I are obsessed with the reruns of that show,(who knows why) and its crazy to me that he is a rapper (a Canadian rapper!).

Anthony M. says:

I hope he brings Manny with him. She’s smokin!

F. Jammin says:

Nice lineup, although it saddens me to see that the longstanding tradition of the concerts being FREE with Fair admission (excluding Festival de Mariachi) has finally eroded away completely. Not to be all nostalgic or anything, but one used to be drawn to the fair by its (equally good) free entertainment lineups. For example, Chris Isaak. It’s obviously the end of an era in any case. And ahead? scalped tickets and Table Mountain Theater $???