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I Hate You, Mike Oz: Vol. 6


Here’s a friendly e-mail in response to last Friday’s column proposing a no-talent tax for the likes of T-Pain and Ryan Seacrest. I did also suggest I’d be taxed, so dissing me with my own zingers isn’t all that special.

Nonetheless, I will do my best to stay off this gentleman’s lawn.

Mr. Osegueda,

For once you have written something that makes sense, i.e. the No-Talent Tax. However, in my opinion, you would be the prime candidate for such tax. Heck, you alone could balance the entire state’s buget.

How the Bee can devote every Friday a majority of the “7″ section to a hack writer who seemingly can only write about urban speak, bands that no one over 25 ever heard of, pictures of young people that appear to be too stupid to know that the bill of a ballcap goes forward, not backwards or at a 45 deg angle. Are their heads on crooked?

Oh well, I guess that is the price to pay to read about wannabes, has beens, and never will be’s from a third rate paper in a minor league second rate town.

Keep pushing for the no-talent tax; you won’t be by yourself. I certainly would advocate your material to be first in line for taxation.

Bruce **** (Colonel – Commemorative Air Force*)
(* The new “politically correct” name for the Confederate Air Force)
Vietnam Veterans of America – Life Member
Aviation & Amateur Radio Writer
Naval Cryptologic Veterans Assn.
Assn. of Former Intelligence Officers
American Legion

[Note: I withheld his last name, but kept everything in his e-mail signature in tact]

Responses to "I Hate You, Mike Oz: Vol. 6"

mdub420 says:

it’s an honor to be hated. keep up the good work.

Dude is an assassin targeting former intelligence officers? Better get Jack Bauer on his a$$.

a no-talent, wannabe, never was bartender

floydy says:

this is a true american you’re dealing with here.

Heather says:


Michael says:

Damn, even Clint’s character wasn’t THAT crotchety.

And Travis, I think the “n” was mistakenly added to that first part.

Jenn says:

If this town is so second rate, why is he living here…and if the Bee is so third rate, why does he read it? I just don’t get those type of people.

Kim Burly says:

His signature is the best part, I am so glad you left it in, its the icing on the cake, or, you know, the tossing of the salad.

wet towel says:

…ya know, I don’t know what you did to piss him off…

-But C.A.F. Colonels tend to have access to WW2, Korean, and Viet-Nam era aviation,
(which means, they’re also usually financially well off,
as these things cost millions to own, thousands to operate,
(but (at least in this country) usually don’t fly with active armorment.)

if you’re walking down the street one day, and you hear what sounds like piston-engined fighter lining up for a strafing run, or a bomber creeping up?
-I’d take cover.

(…you may want to see ‘As You Like It’ sooner than later with stuff like this rolling in, btw.)

bradley says:

Took me 45 sec to find his full name and ph number.

adam says:

You know, if he could take the edge off just a bit, I bet he’d be a contender for Andy Rooney’s spot.

Kathy says:

Guess he’s not reading the bylines on stories … Il Divo (definitely a post-25 crowd) was the cover story last Friday in 7. Ha!

MsJoey says:

I told my dad to stop writing hate mail.
Sorry Mike.

pk says:

so he commented on your column…..that is better than no attention, right?

So….be thankful someone is reading….what would happen to your job if no one commented, or wrote you a letter? Isn’t that what this is all about? It means you are getting attention…..and in your world that IS a good thing…..

Mike Oz says:

When did I say it was bad?

Kristin says:

I’m always so confused by comments like this. You don’t have to read the paper if you don’t like the content, and the 7, being a seperate section, could easily be thrown out without even having to look inside. I don’t make rude remarks on Rush Limbaugh’s blog, because I don’t go to his blog, because I know that it will just piss me off. I’m not being forced to read that content, and Bruce isn’t being forced to read your content. What the F! IFHP!

Danielle says:

My grandfather is a highly decorated veteran, so never in my life have I ever wanted to call a former member of our military a DOUCHEBAG. Bruce sucks. In his defense, he’s probably like 90 though.

Erin Rodriguez says:

It’s alright Mike, obviously this is just a grumpy old man who is obviously jealous of your job and writing skills (pssh who wants to fly airplanes anyways?) (;

pk says:

And you are probably just 13, so will let this go as well……

Erik says:

Dude, John McCain read your column. That’s awesome.

pk says:

I don’t know….re-read my comment!

Josh B. says:

This dude has no right to say anybody should be having to pay a no-talent tax. Just look at his signature

If he was any good at it, one of his many titles wouldn’t be ‘Amateur’ radio writer. He would have made a some money on it at one point in life and just been able to say he was a former radio writer.

Maybe he forgot to take his nap after Matlock.
Chill out and gramps and finish your prune juice.

Claire says:

Wow, he has all of those “achievments” and yet he doesn’t have the power to not be bothered by you?
How sad for him.

adam says:

I’ve read your original comment a few times now.

How else would you like Mike to understand it? It reads with a pretty condescending tone and an implication that Mike was unhappy with the attention.

pk says:

note to self: hmmm….might want to check out what ‘amateur radio’ is first! Hint: it is not ‘amateur’ radio……

Mike Oz says:

Note to self: pk might be related to Bruce.

pk says:

bingo! It is all about the attention!
(see, you have to figure out why the original post was made… was an e-mail to Mike, and not a posting….Mike posted it….and then waits for the minions to respond….now there is a slew of positive to combat that one negative….why? That is a good question…..most newspaper people have a thicker skin and can deal with the occasional negative letter…..)

pk says:


Mike Oz says:

I assure you I can deal with hate mail. I also assure you that I get more negative mail than what I post. I only post the stuff that’s hilariously entertaining. Obviously people like to read this stuff (look back thru the series). If they didn’t, I would stop posting it.

This is not me boo-hooing and pouting. It’s me trying to entertain people.

adam says:

So you’re saying that you meant to sound high and mighty while you misrepresented his intentions and feelings?

Jeffresno says:

I love Mike as much as the next guy. I like his stuff most of the time but not all of the time. So I’m not commenting here to defend Mike. Instead, I’d like to comment on Col. Bruce’s letter.

First, I take offense to Col. Bruce calling Mike a hack writer. If he’s suggesting that Mike churns out tons of inferior stuff and instead emphasizes quantity over quality, I’d urge Col. Bruce to examine the number of bylines that almost every Bee writer is producing these days, in an era of severe downsizing. Mike and others are forced into quantity over quality by their bosses. And, both shrinking space for news and the instant nature of the Internet encourages the shorter piece, something that Mike and many others have had to adapt to, both in form and content.

Second, I also take offense to Col. Bruce saying that Mike only writes about urban speak, bands for under-25s, and, by implication, “improper” young people. Mike, like all writers at The Bee, has a beat to cover. Mike’s happens to be about music and pop culture, which leads him to often — but far from “only” — to write about the people and places that Col. Bruce apparently fears and fails to understand, presumably because he’s simply not interested. I’m sure if he passes on Mike’s byline in the future in places outside of the *7* section, he’s sure to be missing out on a lot of interesting stuff — baseball card grannies, news obituaries, and the like.

As a longtime reader of The Bee, both in print and online, I’m thankful that Mike and many other writers cover a range of specialties and beats that tell me about my city. I want to know about zoning rules and budget cuts and water politics just as much as I want to know about the crunked-out kid next door who wears his skinny jeans and crooked hat and listens to indie powerpop while sometimes hanging with Juggalos. That’s called educating the public. The Bee, for all of its many faults, still aspires to do that well — and most of the time does. Col. Bruce fears the things that are unknown to him, which is sad.

wet towel says:

…friggin’ great…

-we’re not only going to loose the Bee to a bomb run by a restored B-25, but now KFSR too…

Aimee Ortiz says:

I can’t decide what’s more entertaining, the actual post or the intelligent comments.