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Weekend Rewind: Braggin’ Rights edition


For me, it was a weekend of regional sports rivals and family visiting from the Bay Area. Where did your weekend adventures lead you? Tell us in the comments.


  • In Central Valley grudge match #1: I Saw the Grizzlies duke it out with Sacramento. It was a close one (much like the entire series), but the Griz came up a little short in the end, 4-3. Overall, Sac took the five-game series, 3-2. Boo.
  • Stopped by ever so briefly at the Ms. Soulflower Michael Jackson tribute at Palomino’s. It was packed with people sweating it up on the dancefloor.


  • Who knew you can’t go bowling on a Saturday afternoon in Fresno? Both Sierra Lanes and Cedar Lanes had waits of at least an hour to get a lane.
  • NoTown Roller Derby went up against Bakersfield’s Diamond Divas, in another Valley grudge match. Fresno clobbered Bako 143-90. The bout had been pretty close, 87-79, before the NoTown ladies turned it up in the third period.


What did you do this weekend? Cool events? Discover a new restaurant? Fill us in.

Responses to "Weekend Rewind: Braggin’ Rights edition"

blake says:

Friday: Dinner at Los Pepe’s in Kingsburg with the family.

Saturday: Gigging at Tokyo Garden.

Sunday: hanging on the back patio and bbq’in’.
(Actually Sunday, though the above sounds benign, and even restful, was a crummy day with lots going wrong—our sink was clogged up and smelly, and I burned my finger on the BBQ, and just was in a generally foul mood—-so far, Monday’s much better!)

Candice says:

On Sunday I followed your advice and went to La Reina de Michoacan: a banana paleta dipped in chocolate, covered with peanuts. :O delish.

That’s surprising about Cedar Lanes. We were there around 7 on a Saturday and it was near empty.

Whiplash says:

Saturday, 40 mile bicycle ride through our beautiful foothills, then Roller Derby. Sunday, watched recorded UFC100 with friends.