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The Ladies of NoTown: Midori Sour

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All this week, we’re introducing you to members of the NoTown Roller Derby team before its bout Saturday against The Diamond Divas of Bakersfield.

We’ve already met Kyra Practor, Clarifer, Karma Kaze and Suzy Sweet Knuckles.

We finish our series by introducing you to Midori Sour.

Real Name: Julia Costa
Age: 26
Number: 415

How did you get involved in roller derby?
Kim Burly invited me to a practice, I went and was hooked!

How did you come up with your derby name?
My favorite drink, had to keep it G-rated for the kiddies.

What’s your worst derby injury?
A nice big bruise on my knee

Proudest moment during a bout?
When our team gets the fans to their feet.

What’s your life like away from roller derby?
School, mommy to two girls, and wife.

What time of reactions do you get when people find out you do derby?
“We have Roller Derby in Fresno?”

How was roller derby changed your life?
I’ve had the opportunity to meet the most amazing men and women who love the sport of Roller Derby.

Finish this sentence: The best thing about being a NoTown derby girl is …
The rink rash and being able to skate with a group of remarkable women.


Food: String Cheese
Band: Sublime
TV Show: House MD
Toy as a kid: Rainbow Brite
Place to eat in Fresno: The Mediterranean Restaurant (Fresno & Gettysburg)


Water slides or roller coasters?Roller Coaster
Coke or Pepsi? Dr Pepper, but a cold Coke is just as awesome
Mini Golf or Bowling? Bowling
Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Lord of the Rings
Fresno in the summer or Fresno in the winter? Definitely Fresno in the winter

Here are more details on NoTown Roller Derby’s Saturday night bout against Bakersfield. Doors open at 6 p.m. at the Fresno Fairgrounds.


Responses to "The Ladies of NoTown: Midori Sour"

Kim Burly says:

I love her more than anything, Julia is one of the few people who I can skate around with at practice and talk about Hannah Montana episodes and Imagination Movers. That’s real friendship right there.