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Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …

While keeping in mind that tomorrow — 7/11 — is Free Slurpee Day!!

1. HAIL THE KING (AND QUEEN): Say goodbye once more to Michael Jackson tonight at Palomino’s, as the popular Ms. Soulflower monthly tribute series also comes to an end. We already miss King of Pop and now we’ll miss Fresno’s Queen of the Tribute too.


2. ON BLITZEN! Doesn’t a band called Blitzen Trapper just sound cool? Like some crazy professional wrestler or a “Punch Out” character. Blitzen Trapper is actually a pretty accomplished folk/rock band signed to Sub Pop Records. They’ve toured with the likes of Fleet Foxes and Wlico.


3. FOR THE LOVE OF … People like Ray J, right? I mean, somebody has to, don’t they? It’s not me, but if it’s you, have fun tonight at the Kings Fair. Tell Brandy we said whattup if she’s there.


4. CASH RULES EVERYTHING AROUND ME: Get a taste of Johnny Cash at Audie’s on Saturday night at tribute band Cash’d Out brings its act back to Fresno.


5. BE ROMANTICAL: Go see some flamenco music Saturday night at Tower Theatre. You know how those Spaniards do … your girlfriend will love it.


What are you doing this weekend?

Drop your recommendations in the comments!

Responses to "Five Things You Should Do This Weekend …"

blake says:

Come on out to Tokyo Garden Saturday night!

Not only will you get super-fine sets from the Trike Shop
& It’s an Icicle, but you’ll get to check out a cool band
from San Francisco called “Griddle”.

Let’s show these out-of-town bands that it’s welllllllll
worth the drive to come out and join our fun.

wet towel says:

I think there’s something involving an
English Playwrite at the grove in Woodward Park? on Friday and Saturday nights (8ish?)

ya may wanna go early, they had to put out extra seats last night,)

-and they have pretty interesting pre-shows…

and it’s not only ‘free,’ it’s actually really good…

but you know,
I’m not completely positive….

(Think it runs next weekend and the weekend after that (Th, F, and Sat. shows)

but you know…
somebody may want to fact check…

(someplace in far N/W clovis or something???)
Woodward whatever?

Worth seeing, Worth supporting,
but… you know…

PS: Mike:
ya seen it yet? just wondering what your take on this was…

Anyone know if the 1-5 p.m. portion of the flamenco festival is free? I can’t find it anywhere.

Sarah says:

What about the NoTown Roller Derby Bout on saturday? 7pm at the fair grounds.

Mike Oz says:

Since they had a whole daily series devoted to them … I figured I could shout someone else out in “Five Things” and no one would mind.

Derek says:

Drink some local wines Sunday, 12-4 at The Chef’s Table.