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The Ladies of NoTown: Suzy Sweet Knuckles

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All this week, we’re introducing you to members of the NoTown Roller Derby team before its bout Saturday against The Diamond Divas of Bakersfield.

We’ve already met Kyra Practor, Clarifer and Karma Kaze.

Next we introduce you to Suzy Sweet Knuckles.

Real Name: Camille M. Barba
Age: 26
Number: 26

How did you get involved in roller derby?
When the former owner of the league (my dear friend Jenn Balint), told me she was starting a team. She asked me if I was interested in joining. I, of course, wanted to find out about how, what and when it would start and that she could count me in.

How did you come up with your derby name?
I thought about my name for a good two weeks. Pondering something that sounds tough with a ring. So really there’s no reason other than I like the name Suzy. So that was my start as to what would follow it. Knuckles sounds tough, and I want other teams to “think” I’m sweet right before I knock them down. So there you have it, Suzy Sweet Knuckles!

What’s your worst derby injury?
A 5 inch by 5 inch bruise on my shin that left a permanent scar.

Proudest moment during a bout?
Seeing all my fellow derby girls play their hardest after feeling tired and still have room to play some more.

Seems like many of the NoTown ladies have their own style. What’s yours?
It’s like my name describes, I’m sweet by looks, but my actions speak toughness and attack. I try to portray that in my everyday life.

What’s your life like away from roller derby?
Hanging out with my husband and going to work. Visiting family whenever I can. Hanging out with friends from the Fresno United Scooter Club that my husband is in.

What time of reactions do you get when people find out you do derby?
If it’s a family member, they are very excited and usually say they could see me doing it. If it’s a client, also the same. They are pretty shocked at first, but they can see me in that type of setting.

How was roller derby changed your life?
Completely! It gave me the best friends from the beginning. I didn’t have a hobby that felt like it was my life. And derby has not felt like a hobby. I never thought that I would reach the level of skating that I’m at three years ago. I still have so much to keep learning. Just to see my skills change since day one is a dramatic difference in my life today. I am very proud to have changed into an athlete.

Finish this sentence: The best thing about being a NoTown derby girl is …
Skating with my head up high!


Food: Thai
Band: The Kinks
TV Show: Medium
Toy as a kid: She-Ra
Place to eat in Fresno: Lao Cafe#2


Water slides or roller coasters? Roller Coasters
Coke or Pepsi? Neither. Hate soda. WATER!!
Mini Golf or Bowling? Bowling
Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Star Wars
Fresno in the summer or Fresno in the winter? Winter

Here are more details on NoTown Roller Derby’s Saturday night bout against Bakersfield. Doors open at 6 p.m. at the Fresno Fairgrounds.


Responses to "The Ladies of NoTown: Suzy Sweet Knuckles"

Tambra says:

I <3 camille!!! SHes hardcore!

Anna says:

suzy sweet knuckles is awesome!!! She rocks cant wait to see her in action

Liz says:

She used to cut & dye my hair for me, she kicks ass!!!

MsJoey says:

She’s the best friend and girl could have, on and off the track!
She taught me how to T-stop!