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The Ladies of NoTown: Clairifier


All this week, we’re introducing you to members of the NoTown Roller Derby team before its bout Saturday against The Diamond Divas of Bakersfield.

We’ve already met Kyra Practor. Next we introduce you to Clairifier.

Real Name: Claire Avila
Age: 33 ( Think I’m the oldest on the team. Ugh!)
Number: 101

How did you get involved in roller derby?
I was invited to come to a practice by a former skater named “Who Farted.” I fell in love!

How did you come up with your derby name?
My husband, Mike Avila, was joking around that I should get on the track and clarify some sh**! So the name stuck.

What’s your worst derby injury?
Fortunately I have not gotten any major injuries. Pretty much just bruises and fish net burn.

Proudest moment during a bout?
Wine Country Home Wreckers (Sonoma) vs. Smog City (Fresno: There was a girl on Sonoma’s team named ‘The Teacher’, when I took her down for some reason I had never been so proud of myself. Every time I think about the take down, I can still feel how hard the impact was of our bodies crashing into each other and falling onto the cement floor. It hurt. But I was happy!

Seems like many of the NoTown ladies have their own style. What’s yours?
I am a pretty simple girl I suppose. Real shy and I think I am the quietest girl on the team. Ask Lucky Eddie. She tells me I need to work on my communication skills on the track. Which is pretty much true.

What’s your life like away from roller derby?
I am a married and mother of two. I work as a department manager for a local retail store. Between work, kids, husband and derby my plate is pretty full but very fulfilling.

What time of reactions do you get when people find out you do derby?
Usually when somebody finds out that I play derby they are pretty surprised and excited that even such a thing existed. They would refer back to when it was big in the seventies then take a double look at me. Without fail I get, “You seem so small and quiet!” And I smile.

How was roller derby changed your life?
It probably sounds like the same thing other derby girls would say, cause it’s true. I have never met a more awesome group of women. When I first joined derby, I met the most amazing women that came from all different backgrounds. They all had different thoughts and ideals. Women that came from “upper class” families to women that grew up fighting in gangs. Through all the diversities it is amazing how much we love each other as sisters and I am happy to say I have the greatest friends a girl could ever have.

Finish this sentence: The best thing about being a NoTown derby girl is …
That I am fortunate to have so many sisters and it gave me a great pair of legs.


Food: I don’t have a favorite food although I do have a favorite ritual. Dessert before the meal. And on occasion a cookie before bed. Pretty much drives my husband crazy.
Band: I don’t have a favorite band. I listen to what ever my mood is at the time.
TV Show: I don’t watch a lot of TV. I am currently reading a series of books about a woman bounty hunter.
Toy as a kid: My favorite toy as a kid was my teddy bear named Teddy. He was my favorite up until my older sister “accidentally” dropped him in the toilet. After that I didn’t care for him to much.
Place to eat in Fresno: Cheap is good.


Water slides or roller coasters? Roller Coasters definitely
Coke or Pepsi?Coke
Mini Golf or Bowling? Bowling
Star Wars or Lord of the Rings? Lord of the Rings
Fresno in the summer or Fresno in the winter? I love the fall and winters. I am not so much into heat. I am pretty miserable right now.

Here are more details on NoTown Roller Derby’s Saturday night bout against Bakersfield. Doors open at 6 p.m. at the Fresno Fairgrounds.


Responses to "The Ladies of NoTown: Clairifier"

MsJoey says:

I love the Clarifier!!! She was the first girl I met when I started derby. She started the very same day I did and I immediately stuck right by her side!
She is probably one of the most unaknowledged skaters because she is soooo unassuming. But man, when she hits, she makes your teeth rattle!

Tambalina says:

Claire is a sweetie but dangerous on the track ;) shes always knocking people down, she really puts her whole self into it! I also agree with the dancing, shes so fun to watch.

P.s. Claire I wanna know what books you’re talking about cuz they sound interesting!!